Spot the Telltale Signs That It Is Time to Ditch Your Old Running Shoes



Using old running shoes is something that can affect your performance in a number of ways. Thankfully, there are some clear signs you need new shoes that you should take into account.

If you have been using the same running shoes for a long time then perhaps it is time to look for the following problems with them. You might not even have noticed before now that it could be time to make a change.


They Hurt You

It is vital that you wear running shows that are completely comfortable and don’t damage your feet. There are few worse feelings than that of your feet hurting you when you are in the middle of a long run.

As well as this being uncomfortable, it could also increase the chances of you having some serious running injuries eventually. Whether the shoes are now too small, they lack cushioned soles or they have some other problem, there is no doubt that you will want to make a change once they start to cause you any pain.

It may be that they are now worn and that this has exposed your feet to the road or to the elements. As this is a problem that creeps up on your gradually it is easy to overlook it until it becomes a real issue.

The feeling of relief when you wear comfortable new running shoes that don’t hurt your feet will be tremendous. In fact, you may very well love going out running a lot more once your feet are tucked inside some great new footwear.


You Are Embarrassed to Wear Them

Do you sometimes feel rather self-conscious when you go out running? Clearly this is a hobby or a sport for most of us rather than a fashion event, but you will still want to look good while running.

However, it may be that you feel a little bit embarrassed about wearing old, tired-looking running shoes. In that case, why not look at some of the latest running shoe reviews in order to find the perfect footwear for your needs and style?

Being able to head out with fantastic looking shoes on will boost your confidence and make you feel a lot happier about running. There is no doubt that you will feel a surge in your confidence levels when you feel good and look the part too.

Best of all, great quality running shoes that look good on you don’t need to cost very much money. Just look for some deals and you should soon find a nice pair of trainers that you are happy to wear.


They No Longer Offer Support or Grip

Running shows wear out in different ways according to the use that they are given. Your running style, the surface, and the regularity with which you get out to run will all play a part in how they wear down.

This means that they could end up failing you in one of a number of different ways. For instance, one shoe might get worn down more quickly than the other and leave you unbalanced.

You might also find that they have lost their grip, which can be especially dangerous if you sometimes go out running in wet, slippery conditions. Some experts suggest that you should use running shoes for up to 400 or 500 miles or so before changing them, but if they aren’t very good quality then they become unwearable before then.

There is no need to carry on running in old or worn running shoes that could potentially be dangerous for you. Instead, you should look to buy some new, quality footwear that lets you carry on running safely and full of confidence.



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