5 Best Diet Soups for Loosing Weight

Sometimes, the best way to lose weight is by sticking to a low calorie diet. One way is to replace your dinner or lunch with healthy and nutritious soups. These days, weight loss liquid diets have become highly popular among people who want to lose weight and stay fit. They are delicious and are prepared using healthy ingredients. Here are the different types of weight loss liquid diets that you can consider following.


  1. Seaweed and sweet potato diet


One of the diet soups is prepared using leeks, seaweed and sweet potatoes. Though sweet potatoes and potatoes have the same amount of fat content, sweet potatoes contain fewer calories and more of vitamin C. Regular potatoes contain 144 calories, while a sweet potato has just 103 calories. Edible seaweeds, which are processed and dried into fine sheets are rich in fiber and have less calorie and fat content. You can use them as soup toppings too. Seaweeds, leeks and potatoes make a great combination for your soup.


  1. Sacred Heart diet


Certain liquid diets like the Cabbage soup diet allow you to consume the soup only for 7 days. You can drink as much soup as you want, but you cannot eat anything else. But, the Sacred Heart diet lets you consume certain combination of foods along with the soup. The diet changes on a daily basis. One day, you can eat some vegetables along with the soup, while on another day, you can eat bananas along with skimmed milk and soup.


The soup has very few calories, but is very high in sodium as it has green beans, beef broth, and tomatoes. You can vary the consistency of the soup according to your taste. If you want a thicker soup, add less water.


  1. Cabbage Soup diet


You can lose weight easily by following the cabbage soup diet. The soup is low in proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins. The diet helps you lose the water weight in your body easily. However, cabbage in itself does not have fat burning properties. After this diet, you can maintain or continue losing your weight even after a week by revising your lifestyle choices and diet. You should eat foods rich in fiber and limit sugars. You can also lose those extra pounds by exercising regularly.


  1. Cleansing soup


Besides the soups mentioned above, cleansing soup is another fat-burning liquid. You can drink as much soup as you want and follow a strict meal plan for a week. Studies have shown that people lose up to 10 lbs. in a week. Even after the diet period, ensure that you consume foods with adequate protein content.


  1. Heart and stroke soup diet


This diet allows you to consume unlimited quantities of the vegetable soup along with other specific foods. This is again a low calorie diet, which lets you consume only 1000 calories. However, there are numerous recipe variations, but all of them include beef broth, chicken and chopped vegetables. The seasonings suggested for the soups include pepper, garlic powder, curry leaves, herbs and hot sauce.




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