The Psychology Behind Choosing Your Car Colour

There are psychological reasons behind all of our choices and preferences in life, and there is a whole science behind colour! Factors that affect our colour choices reference the season, how we are feeling, our moods, our lifestyle and what we think suits us personally. Blue to one person can represent peace and serenity, blue to another could represent activity and sports – red to one person may represent anger and caution, to another it could represent love or lust. It’s all down to that individual.


These preferences all reveal something about us, no matter how arbitrary we think they are; consider these choices ‘psychological shortcuts’ to the way we perceive the world. So it is believed by many, that even the colour of your car can indicate traits of your personality. I’ve just been looking for a used car dealership and chose Quick Sell Your Car, so I’m after a new motor and was interested in seeing what my next preference would say about me. My last car was red, but after reading the description below I think I should stick with that palette! I am definitely fitting into that description more…






If you own a blue car you are considered to be a compassionate and optimistic person with a strong sense of self worth and wisdom. As blue is the colour of calm, you are stable and serene. It is often also a strong, neutral colour to represent family life.





Red is the colour of aggression. But aggressiveness may not need to be always seen as a negative quality; impulsion and passion play a big part in the personality of a red car owner. You are outgoing, fun and ambitious – which means you’re usually the one out there living life to the max. Your characteristics are close to other extroverted and highly energised people; choosing a red car shows you have something to exhibit.




Silver is considered the colour of a hard working, business-savvy individual with good taste. You are determined and practical, though innovative in your field. You may over-work yourself in order to feel successful. Unlike grey, silver has a metallic sheen that sparkles with affluence and sophistication, no matter what your financial situation is. This practical colour hides dirt which is also ideal for your busy lifestyle. Silver is the colour of technology – imagine all the stainless steel appliances and electronics you have at home – they are all silver, indicating modernity.



Black will never fade out of fashion. It is the colour of sophistication, self awareness and style. It’s the easiest colour to pair with anything and exudes an appearance of mystery and allure. When we think of wearing black, we imagine black tie events or cocktail dinners, glittering adornments and affluent looking accessories – well, it’s the same with our motors. We envision a life of effortless luxury with black because it’s simple yet exquisite. You are likely very in control, in power and enjoy the finer things in life.




Green is the colour of envy… or is it? Not in this case friends, green is the colour of I-don’t-care-what-others-think. Apparently green cars peaked in popularity during the 90s but are once again considered a popular colour, depicting a green car owner as someone who doesn’t conform to social trends – you’re a headstrong go-getter with high self worth. Green is also the colour of nature and usually indicates eco-awareness and kindness towards the environment – so you’re probably more likely to take the scenic route. You are gentle and peace-loving which can sometimes make your quirky personality seem odd to others – but embrace that individuality, you are a rare gem.




Associated with honesty and purity, people who drive white cars exude an elegance and modernity rarely found in those concerned with bright prints and loud hues. You’re a quieter individual with a compassionate heart and busy brain – you strive for perfection. White also represents youth – a freshness and originality, so you’re likely an entrepreneur.




Yellow is the colour of happiness – and sunshine! It springs one particular phrase to mind; ‘Hakuna Matata’ – it means no worries. You are likely a joy to be around with your optimistic personality and imaginative humour. People who love yellow are likely to stay young at heart as it’s a risky colour to pull off but you’re daring enough to do it.




Opposing the colour silver, grey car drivers are not necessarily looking to show off or stand out. A car that is grey is subtle and practical without being flashy, reflecting maturity and a settled sense of self. Grey is dignified and traditional, a colour of great neutrality and contentment. Your life generally runs evenly without any major surprises, leaps or downfalls. Smooth sailing sailor.




Orange is a bold and ambitious colour that can indicate a wacky sense of style – or a good sense of value with your money. Orange is a head turning hue that stands out – so you probably do the same! It’s a flashy colour for a road dominating ride, so it’s likely you’re proud of your achievements and what to show them off. Orange is in fact the least popular car colour in the US and the second least popular in the UK!





  1. Joshua Parsley October 5, 2016 / 8:01 pm

    Wow this is so true I personally have always liked black and white cars. I even tested this with a few of my family members today. Its crazy that they said the same thing about themselves on the color of the car. Great article again as always.

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