The Essential Guide To A Wardrobe That Won’t Need Changing Every Season

With the seasons changing again, it’s time to turn your attention to your wardrobe. Changing your clothes with the season can be an expensive pursuit. This winter, why not focus on clothes that are well worth the investment? Fashions change often, but there are some wardrobe essentials that you’re sure to return to time and time again.



This is a must. A good mens leather jacket is sure to last you for years. Though an expensive initial outlay, this is one item of clothing that will pay for itself. Buying a good quality jacket will ensure that you can stay in the leather for seasons to come. The best thing about a leather jacket is its wearability. Whatever outfit you choose, a leather jacket is a perfect way to keep yourself looking trendy.




A good suit should be a staple of the male wardrobe. You don’t want to get caught short for a posh event. Always having a suit handy will save you any last minute panics. Whether you’re attending an important meeting at work or a smart party in your free time, a good suit will never let you down.



Of course, it’s important to consider what you’ll wear on your feet too. A good pair of black shoes is a fantastic thing to keep in your wardrobe. They will go with anything. Whether you’re wearing a suit or a pair of jeans, your black shoes are sure to look good. With wearability like that, this is an investment you need to make.



A pair of chinos is another must have. Why? Because they’re a great go-to for those awkward smart casual events that seem to crop up so often. You know the ones. The invite comes, and you’re left stumped about what you should wear. What does smart casual even mean? One thing’s for sure; a suit is off the table. Chinos are a much safer option than a pair of jeans. You don’t want to look overdressed, but you don’t want to be the guy who turns up in jeans either. Chinos will have you covered. Matched with a plain shirt, they’re always a fantastic option.



This is another one of those additions that every male wardrobe should have. Having a few shirts to choose from is crucial. You can’t do without a white button down shirt to pair with those chinos. And why stop there? After all, white isn’t inspiring. It’s well worth stocking up on a few different colours. That way, you’re covered for all eventualities. You won’t need to worry about buying more when summer rolls around again, either. You’ll already have enough summer colours to see you through. Go for a basic colour palette here. That way, you don’t have to worry too much about buying jeans to match each. Fall back on those khaki chinos. Their neutral colouring will ensure they go with almost anything.


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