6 Reasons for Keeping Your Wardrobe Up-To-Date


Changes in season require a wardrobe that will keep you comfortable while staying fashionable. For instance, when making the transition from autumn to winter, it’s time to take winter clothing such as thick coats, gloves and scarves from the back of your closet and put them in a place where they’re easily accessible.

Keeping your wardrobe fresh and modern also lets you make space in your closet. By evaluating your clothing, you can determine whether something can be kept, donated or thrown out. Once you have the extra space, you can purchase clothing such as knitted jumpers that are always part of anyone’s wardrobe staples for every chilly season. You can get great deals on brands like the Edinburgh Woollen Mill when use voucher codes to get even more off their knitwear.

Aside from having the comfy clothes you need, here are six more reasons for keeping your wardrobe up-to-date.


It feels like nothing you put on looks right.

You may have gone overboard in the past by buying everything that was “in season,” and now you feel that the things in your closet just don’t look right at all. If you’ve been feeling this way for quite some time, it’s time to invest in classic pieces that never go out of style, such as straight-leg denim jeans and cotton knitwear. These classic pieces can also be mixed and matched with other items that you already have such as cashmere scarves and basic tees. By buying these, you won’t have to spend on clothing as often, which means you’ll save money in the long run.


It lets you express your personal style.

Does your wardrobe reflect your personality and lifestyle? If you have been looking through magazines and Pinterest for outfits that you think represent your style but you don’t have the clothing to pull it off, it’s time to go shopping for key pieces that will let you express yourself. Consider your lifestyle and the things you’d like to do as well, such as heading for the trails or going to the gym. When you have updated your wardrobe with outfits that will be appropriate for the activities you’d like to do, you will become more motivated to actually do them.


It lets you stay current with fashion trends.

Of course, keeping your wardrobe up-to-date means you will most likely end up purchasing items that are in season, because that’s what brand-name stores will have. However, just remember you shouldn’t be forced to wear something that doesn’t really reflect your personal style. Choose pieces wisely and pick out what looks good on you and what you’re comfortable wearing so you don’t sacrifice comfort for style.


It’s your chance to replace damaged clothing.

You may have a few favourite pieces in your closet that are already torn, threadbare, moth-eaten or so well-washed they have already started to fade. If you’re not quite ready to let these go just yet, then just look for items that have a similar look to your damaged clothing as a replacement.


Your body shape has changed.

It’s not healthy to keep on thinking you’ll eventually go back to your 18-year-old body shape or keep on wearing the same clothes you’ve had for years! Stylists recommend buying clothes that will fit you now, clothes that you can wear without you feeling fat or frumpy. One thing you don’t want to do is open your closet every morning and be presented with clothes you can’t put on. By keeping your wardrobe up-to-date, you can get what you need to adapt to the changes in your body, whether it’s more curves or a taller physique. Remember that having clothes that truly fit will make you not only look good but feel great as well.


You don’t feel inspired.

Putting on an outfit shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should be fun! After all, it’s your chance to express yourself without needing to utter a word. If you open your closet and don’t feel inspired to mix and match, it’s time to get new clothing. Even if you have a minimalist or basic style, if you’re starting to get bored with what you have, it means you need to shake things up a bit and add new pieces to your rotation. You can also tweak old pieces by adding new buttons or embellishments to make them look different and up-to-date.


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