Hop Off The Treadmill: Creative Workouts To Help You To Get More Out Of Your Cardio

Everybody knows that cardio is an important part of any workout. The usual solution for that to get on the treadmill and start running. Running is a great workout for keeping fit, but it’s not the only one there is. There are plenty of other types of cardio that will get your blood pumping, keep you fit, and help you build and sculpt muscle at the same time. Here are just a few creative workouts you might want to try instead of going straight for the treadmill.




You wouldn’t believe what an amazing workout your body gets when you’re on the rowing machine. While on the machine you’re working out just about your entire body. You’re sculpting muscle legs, back, and arms, all while getting your blood pumping and burning calories fast. Plus, it’s a low-impact exercise. That means that, unlike running, there’s no chance of you doing any damage to your joints. Just make sure you get the right advice on your form, and you’ll find this one of the best all over cardio workouts there is.


Circuit training


Now I know what you’re thinking. You’ve seen the TV workouts or maybe you’ve seen other people doing it at the gym. You’ve come to the conclusion that circuit training is for maniacs who want to be in excruciating pain. Well, don’t worry. Circuit training can seem pretty intense, and it is. But it’s also an excellent way to get the most out of a pretty short work out. The key is to combine aerobic and strengthening exercises. Another great thing about circuit training is that it’s perfect for when you want to squeeze in a workout without much time. It can be a 10-minute workout, or you can combine workouts together to really get your sweat pouring. Whatever you do, stay hydrated and make sure you’re managing your breathing during your rest periods.




There’s a reason that cycling is a lot of people’s go-to workout. It’s one of the best and most efficient methods of burning fat that there is. Like rowing, it’ll take some of the impact away from your joints. Plus, being able to adjust the resistance on both indoor and outdoor bikes allows you to tailor your workout specifically. And when the workout gets tough, you can work out your core keeping yourself sat up straight. A cardio workout that hits your abs as well? Who could ask for more? If you’re taking a bike out and about make sure you’re wearing the right gear for it and that you keep yourself looking stylish with apparel from http://retro2ride.com/mens-cycling/.


If you’re really attached to your treadmill, we won’t stop you. But if you fancy something a bit different or want to try to get more out of your cardio then these workouts might just be what you’re looking for. Just make sure to know your limit, always stretch and be sure to stay hydrated.


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