Summer Style Tips: Expert Advice For Men



It’s that time of year again, gents. It’s time to look good, and feel good at the same time. The warm weather truly brings out the best in people, and you are no different.

But the weather alone won’t bring out the best in you – you have to dress to kill. Not literally, mind you, as that would probably prematurely end your holiday. Rather, you have to use every piece of fashion advice at your disposal, in order to look at the top of your game.


And luckily for you, this post has some of these valuable nuggets of advice!


Don’t be afraid of long sleeves

In fact, embrace them. I’m not saying you should wear fluffy jumpers and jackets, but some items are great. Think lightweight blazers, that are both cool and stylish.

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you have to exclusively use shorts and t-shirts. Blazers look stylish, and lightweight ones eliminate any problems you may have with heat.


Factor in the burning heat

It’s summer, so it’ll be warm. Well, hopefully, anyway. That means you have to factor in the sunshine when choosing clothing, to ensure you’re fully protected.

To start off with, you generally want to avoid dark items. These soak up sunlight like there’s no tomorrow, and you’ll end up being more uncomfortable. If you must go with dark colors, find clothes that offer sun protection. Some shirts, such as those found in Hook and Tackle clothing , provide UV protection – which obviously helps in summer!

I’d also look for a moisturiser that comes with SPF built in – 30 at a minimum. You have to protect those rugged good looks of yours, am I right?!


Don’t let the situation get too hairy

And by ‘hairy’, I mean literally. Look, us guys have a lot of body hair – there’s no shame in that. What you should have shame in however, is wandering around in Ibiza with your gorilla back and Hobbit feet on display. These areas are a no-go, and you should have them waxed before you depart.

If you don’t fancy that, then get creative. You don’t have to take your top off it you don’t want. Just be sure to sun cream up so you don’t get any nasty tan lines. Your chest is fine to leave with a full bed of hair, assuming your partner likes it that way.

Speaking of hair, make sure you get a haircut regularly. I’d recommend every four weeks – three if your locks go fast. This will help to keep you cooler, as well as fit you in with that summer look.


Don’t stick to flip-flops

Ever had a sunburnt foot? I have, and it stings like crazy. It’s because I tend to religiously wear flip flops during the summer season, and that’s evidently a mistake.

Flip-flops are good in moderation, but when worn too often, they start to lose appeal. They look cheap, informal and tacky at times. Switching it up with some lightweight pumps or trainers gives you the ability to mix things up with different outfits.


Are there any tips we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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