Play Table Tennis Like A Pro With These Tips

Have you ever watched in wonder at a game between two table tennis masters ? It’s incredibly fast and very inspiring to watch. But how did they get so good? Most likely, it’s the result of tens of thousands of hours of practice.

What most people don’t realise is that most of that time is spent making only very marginal improvements in performance. The bulk of the improvement comes very quickly. And with these tips, it’ll come even quicker.


Join A Table Tennis Club

Have you ever noticed how the best sporting talent in any sport tends to cluster in particular areas? There’s a reason for that. When all the best players in any sports group together, they spur each other to be better.


You can use that same principle to your advantage. Head on down to your local table tennis club and try to find people with a similar passion for the sport. Then compete with each other to be the best table tennis players you can be. Begin playing against people of a similar level, and then work your way up.


Use A Robot

Table tennis robots are an excellent way to practice your swings and deal with particular balls. If you struggle on the backhand, set up your robot to feed you balls to your weaker side. You’ll soon find you’re able to improve your swing and get balls back across the table.


Keep Returns Low

In professional matches, you’ll notice how players keep the ball as close to the net as possible. They do this because they don’t want the other player to have an opportunity to deliver a smash. Smashes end rallies quickly.

But keeping the ball close to the net denies your opponent the chance to use power. Keep the ball low until they make a mistake, and then take advantage.


Use Your Own Racket

Developing skill in any racket sport is about developing muscle memory. The more you get used to the feel of the racket and how it interacts with the ball, the better player you become. That’s why choosing a racket and sticking with it is so important. Your body will get used to the feel of a particular racket, and program your muscles accordingly.


Use Your Whole Body During The Forehand

Table tennis is as much about speed as it is about tactics. And the best way to generate speed is to have a great forehand technique. Make sure that when you’re hitting your forehand that you’re using your hips to generate power . If you want to wallop your forehand, you have to have excellent weight transfer during the shot. And this means using your whole body.


Use Side Spin

Spin in table tennis is a lot more pronounced than in regular tennis because the ball is so much lighter. As a result, it’s become an integral part of the game. Developing spin is necessary for putting your opponent off-guard and delivering balls that trick them. It’s far harder to return a serve with sidespin and backspin than without.



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