Important Business Meeting Coming Up? Dress to Impress

If you are in the world of business, you need to learn how to dress according to the occasion and the business partner you are meeting. Mastering the art of dressing to impress is not only important for women, but men in business as well. Below you will find a few tips on how to look professional and respectable on meetings, so your partners will take you seriously.

Choose the Suit According to the Weather

Whether you like wearing tracksuits at home or shorts, you need to give them a miss, no matter how well you know your client. Jeans are a no-no, and you can choose a couple of tailored suits to match the weather and occasion. Having a beige one for the summer, a medium gray, and a black one will help you mix and match your looks. Whether or not you wear a tie, a 3-piece suit will always make you look worth a million dollars.


Long Coats Create a Great Look Every Time

If you arrive to a meeting in a hotel lobby or an office, first impressions matter the most when it comes to business. Leave your everyday jacket home, and get a long coat that has matching scarves and gloves. In the winter, it is important to dress for the weather, and show that you have a fashion and practical sense.


Personal Care

If you are meeting a potential business partner for the first time, you might want to visit your barber and get a head massage, a professional haircut, and a beard trimming . There is nothing worse than turning up with a haircut that is not fit for the environment, or white streaks in your hair. A long beard might be unpleasant for some people, so make sure you match your outfit when it comes to personal care and grooming.

Shoes and Styles

Many people will judge you by how well your shoes match your outfit . Pointy shoes with a serious executive suit might not be the best choice, but an elegant loafer can do the job in every weather. No matter how cold it is outside, try to avoid ankle boots, unless they are made by a famous designer and are leather, with laces.




Men don’t like accessories as much as women, but they are extremely important. Man-bags and folders , leather briefcases that hold your laptop can create a great atmosphere at the meeting, and help you get organized. You don’t want to step into the meeting room with a pile of paper in one hand and a laptop in another. Wear a watch that expresses your personality and looks expensive enough.


Men in business need to learn how to dress to impress their potential business partners. While they might not want to charm others, they still need to look respectable, and give out an air of success and trust. Get a few tailored suits to combine with your leather shoes, briefcases, and ties to look the part at every meeting.


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