How Sport Can Help You Shed Those Last Few Pounds

If you have spent weeks or months changing your lifestyle up so that you can lose weight and get in better shape, it can be totally frustrating when you realise that your losses have stopped. Often, when you reach a certain weight, you will find that your losses begin to stall. This is perfectly normal, but it can be incredibly frustrating when you’ve worked so hard for so long and then all of a sudden your losses stop.


The cause of the issue could simply be that when you’re exercising you’ve stopped challenging yourself as much. The fact is that the more you exercise and the more stamina you build up, the harder you need to work to actually make an impact on your body. Sometimes the gym just isn’t enough anymore, because it doesn’t cause you to push yourself far enough and work hard enough to generate a loss. It may be that you need to consider how you’re working out and change things up a little.


When it comes to shedding those last few extra pounds, sport can help. There are a wide range of sports that require players to put in maximum effort when training and playing, thus ensuring that they are in the best physical shape possible . Wondering what these sports are and how they can help? Keep reading and all will be revealed.



Rock climbing


Did you know that rock climbing allows you to burn 320 calories for each active 30 minutes? That’s a lot of calories to burn so quickly, isn’t it? Not only does rock climbing get your heart pumping, it is also fantastic for strength training, which is why so many people who are body weight training choose to use it as their exercise method of choice, because it’s so effective for anyone who wants to get trim quickly while building strength.


Tag rugby


Rugby itself is a great option for building fitness and strength while shedding those extra pounds, but of course, this game is known for its injuries, making it less appealing to many people. Whereas tag rugby, the non-contact version of this sport, comes with all of the same health benefits, with less chance of injury. To learn more about this fantastic sport, visit and have a browse to see how it works and what teams are available to join in your area. The speed and strength needed for this game, means that anyone who plays it is sure to shed any extra weight, as the training sessions as well as the games themselves offer a fantastic workout.




In a group game of basketball, you can burn 345 calories per 30 minutes of activity. If you want to lose weight and get in better shape, you will find that regularly playing basketball is a great way to do that. Not only is the game fun and exciting, making it a good way to workout, but it can also offer a fantastic workout that should help you to shed every last extra pound.


If you need to shed those last few extra pounds, you will find that playing team sports could be the answer.

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