Healthy Life = Healthy Relationship? The Real Reasons Couples Sports Can Spice Up Your Love Life


You don’t need us to tell you sports are good for health. It’s a message you’ve heard your whole life and, anyway, isn’t that just plain common sense? You move more, your fitness levels soar. Thank you for the tidbit, Sherlock.

But, you might not have considered that embarking on sports with your partner could improve the health of your love life, as well. Okay, you might have thought about embarking on one sport together, but that’s not what we’re thinking! We’re talking about going out for runs, or signing up for classes. While we often think about doing this type of thing with our friends , couple’s workouts don’t occur to a lot of people. It makes sense; few of us equate heavy exercise with getting sexy. But, you’d be surprised by the benefits a pursuit like this could bring. In case you aren’t convinced, let’s look at three plus points which are sure to get your heart racing.

A healthy dose of competition

Sports are fantastic for bringing healthy competition into your relationship. And, competition is pretty good for getting the heart going. When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it’s easy to slip into complacency. Hence why many couples embark on unnecessary arguments. Anything to get the spice back. But, what if we were to tell you that you could do away with arguments, and get your kicks from going up against each other in sports? You could keep this private by trying to beat each other’s times during runs. Or, you could invite other people into the mix if that takes your fancy. Why not sign up for a mixed netball club and pick opposite teams? You could take a look at teams available at for more idea of what’s close by. If that doesn’t suit, there are likely football clubs and even swimming teams around. Try a few out until you find one which brings the perfect balance for both of you. Compromise is essential, after all.

A new kind of physical arousal

We all know physical arousal gets our love sense tingling, right? It’s why we feel all warm and gushy after bedroom exercise. Though you may not realize it, the same results come about from any form of exercise with your lover. In fact, a study by Aron, Norman, Aron, & Heyman revealed we actually feel more in love with our partners after exercising together. It makes sense when you consider exercise releases endorphins, just like sex. If you’re sharing in exercise achievements, of course those hormones will turn you towards each other.

Slick with sweat

You might not think you look great when you work out. You’ll feel hot, bothered, and plain unattractive. But, the effect may be the exact opposite for your partner. After all, as can be seen from sites like , sportswear can often be revealing. Add to that a healthy layer of sweat, and you may find that your partner’s unable to resist your workout charms.

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