Gentlemanly Sports To Try With Your Friends

If you’re looking for some gentlemanly activities you can try with your friends this year; you’re going to love some of the suggestions on this page. While these sports aren’t going to make you sweat buckets, they will get your heart racing. Of course, you don’t have to select any of the suggestions from this page. They are just here to provide some inspiration and point you in the right direction. However, if you do arrange any of the activities listed below, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic experience you will want to repeat.




Snooker is one of the most gentlemanly sports in the world, and it requires a lot of intelligence according to specialists from and other sites. That is because players have to use mathematics to work out angles and speed before they hit the ball with their cue. There are lots of snooker clubs around the country, and so you shouldn’t struggle to find somewhere with full-size tables and enough space to play correctly. So, you just need to suggest the idea to your friends and then create a tournament between yourselves. There are also lots of local leagues if you like the idea of taking things to the next level. Those who want to improve their game should try to learn from watching some of the best players of all time. They include:

  • Ronnie O’Sullivan
  • Jimmy White
  • Stephen Hendry



Horse Racing

Horse racing is something most people overlook when it comes to choosing a gentlemanly sport for themselves and their friends. However, it’s a fun activity that you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy. Experts from sites like say that more people than ever before have an interest in the sport these days. Also, it’s an excellent opportunity to have a little flutter. So, you just need to conduct some online research and find the details of companies that provide that service. That is unless you want to purchase a horse and dive in at the deep end. Just watch some of the best jockeys of all time if you wish to improve your skills. They include:

  • Bill Shoemaker
  • Lester Piggott
  • George Woolf




If you like the idea of snooker, but you don’t have the best mathematics skills, and you like the idea of horse racing but don’t want to travel fast, you might consider polo. It’s a sport that’s popular with upper-class people, and something they enjoy at social occasions. It’s also a great way to workout without going to the gym . Sure, you might have to go out and meet a Duke or something similar if you want to play a full game with an entire team. However, you can usually arrange some small games if you have enough friends who want to take part. The polo players you’ll want to watch to learn more include:

  • Adolfo Cambiaso
  • Carlos Gracida
  • Nacho Figueras



Now you know about some of the most gentlemanly sports in the world; you just have to make the arrangements with your friends and get in touch with the right people. When all’s said and done, all of those activities will provide you with some much-needed exercise. It’s just that snooker is a workout for your mind rather than your body. The same is accurate with polo in some instances, although, riding around on those horses requires strength and stability. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to have a fantastic time!



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