7 Cars Men Should Consider in 2017


There’s no doubt that shopping for a car is more than just a little bit exhilarating, especially for guys. And thanks to all the options regarding style, speed, comfort, and practicality, it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed.


So, the best way to go about purchasing your new best friend is to think about what you want most. Are you a sucker for speed? Or you do want something you can drag a house with?


To help you make a decision, these are some of the most popular cars among guys. Maybe you’ll find something you like on this list.



Chevrolet Corvette

Nobody can deny that the Chevrolet Corvette has a classic style that never gets old, in addition to a powerful V8 engine that will see you speeding down the highway. Guys and even the ladies can’t get enough of the wide body and stellar performance.


Chrysler 300

This one is for the guys who need a good car for constant commuting because everything inside it speaks directly to comfort and space. The Chrysler 300 is a luxury from start to finish, and you’ll notice it with all the interior detail and finishes. While it might not be the fastest car around, you won’t mind spending a lot of time in it.



Dodge Challenger Demon

Muscle car lovers pay attention, because the Dodge Challenger Demon is everything you want in terms of horsepower, and it is wrapped in a badass package. The V8 engine is supercharged, the tires are big, and this car doesn’t know what the view looks like from the rear. In fact, you can always expect it to be the leader of the pack. It’s the sort of car that grasps attention and if you’re in business commercial vehicle wraps could really benefit it and get you the notice you need.



Honda Accord

In the introduction we mentioned practicality, and the Honda Accord falls into this category. The design is modern and sleek and there is more than enough speed underneath the hood to enjoy the highway. But more importantly, it doesn’t require much maintenance. As far as reliable cars go, you can’t go wrong with this one.



Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac is synonymous with excellent cars, and the Escalade is no exception. It features Bose speakers, a high-quality leather interior, and surround vision technology. So, basically, you are looking at a very classy ride that provides functionality like you’ve never experienced it before.



Infiniti G35

It won’t be hard to find a sport/luxury sedan with a rear-wheel-drive design, but it will be hard to compare it to the Infiniti G35. This bad boy consists of no less than 306 horsepower, which you really need to respect when you take those corner. And when your foot hits the gas, don’t expect anybody to keep up.


Lexus LS 460

The last car on the list is the Lexus LS 460, and tech-savvy drivers are going to appreciate everything about it. This model features things like radar cruise control, which ensures you remain a good distance from the car in front, in addition to some self-parking if you don’t feel up to it. You might also be impressed with the extended-wheelbase model, which offers goodies like rear seats that don’t just massage but also recline for a better view of the dual-screen video system.



No matter which of these cars you decide on make sure you get great value on the insurance advise Moneyexpert.com.



So, if you decide on one of the above, enjoy it.

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