Importance of Breakfast for Better Metabolism


The various researches say that the consumption of food should be in a pyramid shape. That is, heavy meals at breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a queen. It directly states that breakfast should not be avoided or ignored at any cost. From our very childhood, constant pressure is applied for the intake of breakfast. Now we think how important and beneficial it is to take breakfast. Many people think that when you skip your breakfast, it can lose optimum weight. However, this is the biggest myth. Skipping breakfast is the perfect invitation to many chronic diseases including diabetes, thyroid and blood pressure.


In scientific language, breakfast is directly proportional to the health benefits. However, eating anything at breakfast is the reason for weight gain. When you follow strict diet chart, it is quite easy to avoid such issues. Skipping breakfast is not the solution, you should follow appropriate tips to make your entire meals healthy one. Regular consumption of oily and fatty food is the major reason that the metabolism of the body slows down. Consequently, several issues start gripping you.


Enhance your health with optimum intake of breakfast

As the consumption of water is essential for the body metabolism, similarly breakfast help in boosting the metabolic rate of the body. When the metabolism of the body is appropriate, blood sugar level is at normal rate. Moreover, the chances of diabetes greatly reduce. There should be perfect balance of all nutrients to make the complete diet a healthy one. With the combination of suitable carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and proteins, it balances your health and also helps in fighting from various issues.

  • When there is perfect balance of nutrients especially at breakfast, it helps in boosting the metabolism. Moreover, you regain enough energy to work energetically the whole day. It provides enough strength to tackle with any physical activities.
  • The glycogen level of the muscle is very low when you wake in the morning. This is the reason for laziness and prevents you to work in an energised manner. In this case when you skip your breakfast you also fail to cope with the later workouts of the day. The complete day becomes stressful and you feel less focused.
  • There is even perfect timing for the intake of breakfast. Too late breakfast might be the reason for gas problems which most of the youngsters face today. From eight to ten is the perfect and appropriate time for breakfast. Also too light stuffs like salads should be avoided especially in the morning. Eat some healthy and cooked food which not only fills your tummy but also provide you enough energy.
  • It even helps in burning extra calories throughout the day. Be it a work or at school, keen focus is necessary which can be obtained when you feel stomach full with the intake of breakfast. The chances of rising cholesterol level and many related heart diseases can be avoided with this.
  • Avoiding breakfast might give rise to appetite. In turn, you overeat all the day and feel obsessed enough. Too much food at a time due to intolerable appetite creates traffic in your stomach and leads to digestion problem. Moreover, too much delay in taking first meal can also lead to acidity which is quite common in modern generation.
  • It is wise to avoid high fat content snacks and sugar items which lead to obesity. If you feel too much hungry, consume vitamins and mineral rich ingredients. Breakfast provide fuel to your body which help you to work in an energised manner all the day. This even restricts you from feeling tired and restless all the day.


Choose better diet plan for healthy breakfast

There are list of many food items which is going to rejuvenate you for the whole day. Delicious, yummy and nutrient rich food at breakfast will fill you with optimistic thoughts the whole day. Intake of alkaline based food is quite beneficial at morning hours.

  • Try for avocado breakfast smoothie
  • Super seed pancakes would also be a better option.
  • Try for rich vegetable soup served in the bowl of sprouted toast.
  • Different varieties of porridge based on berries.
  • Include protein food and start up the day with one or two eggs.

There are many other food items too which is preferable as per the region. In different countries, the breakfast is served differently rich in different flavours and nutrients. You can browse different breakfast recipes and give a new punch with a new dish daily. Also the best way is to take useful guide from the health experts and get the chart of perfect diet plan. Do not compromise your health and take the path of laziness. Consume healthy breakfast and feel energetic the whole day.




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