Get Lean Sans Gym: It Can Be Done!

Everywhere you look there seem to be increasing pressure on us guys to get in the gym. It’s all about CrossFit, lifting or HIIT activities these days. So much so, that if you don’t spend at least half of your spare time in a small sweaty box with strangers, you are just not going to get the body that you want! Right? But how true is this really? People were fit and healthy before we had gymnasiums right? So that means we don’t actually have to go there to get lean. If a non -gym based workout sounds more like your sort of thing. Read on for some alternatives.



Running is something that can pretty much be done anywhere. Contrary to popular opinion it doesn’t have to be carried on a treadmill in the gym! You can run around the estate you live on. Or around the local park or lake.

The brilliant thing about running is that you are in control of it. You decide how fast you go and how far you go. You can build up your tolerance slowly by alternating walking and running. You will also find that there are plenty of events to keep you motivated such as 5K and obstacle courses. Find out more by entering your location at



Another brilliant activity that will burn calories and build muscles is cycling. The outdoor type, not the static one, where you can pedal your heart out and not get anywhere at all.

There are a various different form of cycling that you can take up, and they will all help with your fitness.

You can try speed racing which uses the racing bike with the curved handles. The idea here is that you trying and cover a certain distance within a particular time. Of course, sacrifices to have to be made, and you might find yourself wearing Lycra and even shaving your legs!

Then there is mountain biking, which is a brilliant work out and is also great for getting that adrenaline pumping through your veins as well. You will need a different sort of bike for this activity altogether.

Mountain bikes have a lot of gears, thicker tires with more grip, and a more solid frame to deal with the terrain you will be covering. You can find out more about them at



The there is the activity of climbing. This is a wonderful full body workout as you have to use both your legs and your arms to be successful. It also has a great challenging quality, in a ‘man versus mountain’ kind of way. That can give you the best sense of satisfaction when you complete it.


You may want to start with a few basic lessons on a climbing wall, or at least learn the necessary safety and rope skills you will need to take it outdoors.


Then you will find that there are many places all over the country that are fantastic climbing locations. In which you can pit your skills and stamina against the landscape.


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