Fitness Breaks: See The Sights While You Get In Shape

You know the drill. The 1st January comes around, and everyone rushes off to the gym and signs their wages away for the next 12 months. The gym is utopia for some. But for others, there’s nothing worse than being cooped up inside surrounded by people working up a sweat. If you can’t get to grips with the gym, you may be looking to explore some alternative options. Taking a sporty break may just give you the motivation you need to embrace new sports and find activities that you actually enjoy doing. The best part is you can get in shape while you see the sights.


Outdoor pursuits: national park escapes

If you’re an outdoorsy type, it makes sense to try and get fit in your preferred habitat. There’s no point in trying to slog it out in the gym if you’d rather be cycling up mountains or scaling rock faces If you love adventure sports, or you thrive on an adrenaline rush, there are loads of activities you can try in the great outdoors. Go caving or climbing, canoeing or abseiling, hiking or fishing. You get to breathe in the fresh air, challenge yourself, and improve your fitness and endurance.


If you’re a US citizen, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to national parks. Head north to Glacier National Park or enjoy the wonders of Yellowstone. To the west, you’ll find Yosemite and Death Valley. If you journey south, Texas’ Big Bend National Park won’t disappoint. If you’re heading further afield, the UK, Switzerland, Iceland, and New Zealand are fantastic options for adventurers.


Touring the greens

Are you a keen golfer? If so, there’s no better way to spend a long weekend than honing your skills and getting your eye in on the golf course. If you book a golf break, you can take advantage of inclusive packages, which enable you to relax, dine, and enjoy some quality time on the greens. If you’ve exhausted the courses close to home, why not venture further afield? The Algarve is a wonderful place to play golf, especially if you’re keen to soak up the sun after your morning round. If you’re eager to test your mettle in unpredictable conditions, it’s worth looking into booking a stay at a South Wales golf club hotel.


Boot camp breaks

Do you need to detox after the thrills and spills of the holidays? Do you want to get in shape fast and learn to push yourself? If so, a boot camp break may be an ideal option. It won’t be easy, but you should see results. If you want to travel outside of the US and enjoy a VIP experience, head to Marbella, Spain or Ibiza.




If you’re hoping to get fit, you may be struggling to find the motivation to hit the gym every day. If you want to do something different, why not look into booking a fitness break? You can learn new skills, try different activities, and hopefully find something you’re eager to continue when you get home.


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