Do You Look Your Best?

No, that doesn’t immediately mean you look terrible! Looking your best is something everyone does in their own way, and there’s all sorts of styles and trends and themes someone can dress themselves up in to make sure they’re comfortable with the way they look. But if you think you could do more to look in the mirror and immediately smile at how good you look, this post is here to help you out.


Looking your best is too general a term. But if you’re worried you’re not looking your best, or you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to build up your grooming habits , here’s a couple of ideas to start you off.

There’s a lot of versatile styles out there, as long as you feel comfortable in them, you’ll be looking your best. ( Credit )


Smile a Little More

It might seem like a small point, but when you’ve got a smile on your face, you’re going to look a lot more open and attractive. Sure, a lot of the time we’ve got nothing to smile about, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t look friendly and approachable (unless that’s the opposite of what you want…).


When you smile, not only are other people going to think you look your best, but your brain is as well. Smiling is such a small movement, but it releases a few endorphins when you do it properly, and that makes your entire being light up. So smile to yourself in the mornings when you’ve gotten dressed and properly groomed for the day; it might just make your commute easier too.



Wear Something Smart From Time to Time

Smart can mean all kinds of things to all different people. Weather it’s a woman in a pencil skirt or a man wearing a blazer, smart can be a huge style icon in your mind to aim for. And hey, you’re usually prepared for every kind of situation when you can simply take the jacket off, unbutton your shirt a little, and then walk into a fast food restaurant for a quick fix.


Wearing something that really shows off your refined nature can mean the world to your looks and how you perceive them. A suit is always a strong choice here, as there’s all kinds of styles and colours that you could look good in, but even just a dress shirt or some suspenders could do the trick for you and people around you. You can even pick up both right here at John Henric , and match them together better than anything else, seeing as they’re sold by the same retailer.


Looking your best is something only you can do well, as everyone looks different. But using general themes and rules of fashion, you can usually express yourself in the best ways whenever you want to look amazing. Either for yourself or for other people, it can be a huge self esteem boost to look all dressed up when you or someone else sees you.



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