Being Comfortable And Cool In Your New Car


So you’ve got yourself a new motor. It’s your ultimate dream car; shiny, modern and an engine that can be heard from the next street. But are you comfortable riding in it? It’s not just all for show you know. You actually do need to go places.


Being the driver, you need a seat that shouts out relaxation in order to make as smooth a ride as possible. It must be perfect to get to the pedals and not be too aggravating to your back. Sort your seat out pre journey so you don’t get distracted with altering it in the middle of your journey and possibly causing an accident. Now that wouldn’t look too cool would it? Having to call an attorney like so soon after getting your new car. You also need to make the mirrors are in perfect position too whilst you’re in a stopping position, so you can see the whole road around you as well as deal with the threat of oncoming traffic.

Make sure you’re wearing suitable footwear for your journey. By all means, be comfortable in your car but if it comes to wearing slippers, sandals or even stilettos, you may struggle to work the pedals in your car. You have to always be prepared for an emergency stop and this type of footwear just won’t do when you have to slam on the brakes. Talk about a sore foot. If you wear glasses at home, you should also incorporate these in your car journeys so that you can see the road a lot clearer. O.k. you might not look that cool but at least you will be safe.

Turning on the radio or playing your favourite tunes on your iPod whilst you drive, definitely increases the comfortability factor in your new car. You’ll have an enjoyable time, singing along and tapping your steering wheel; however don’t get too involved in that guitar solo and take your eyes off the road. Music can be a great tool of companionship whilst driving but you have to use it wisely. If you do listen to your iPod whilst driving, turn it on to shuffle or make a playlist before your journey. You don’t want to cause a frightful accident by focusing on choosing songs and not looking out in front of you.

Your car needs to feel like you’re at home, if you’re away travelling a lot. Why not have a picture of the kids or your wife hanging from the window? Or even an air freshener that reminds you of your living room? Anything to remind you of them.

Being comfortable and cool in your new car is extremely important. This is going to be your motor for the foreseeable future and you need to treat it like an extended member of the family. So make it your own. Get those leather seats you always wanted. Get that personalised number plate. It’s all about this new relationship.



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