Four Tips on Creating an Instagram Account that is Stylish


Nowadays there is probably not a single person who does not have an Instagram account. However what makes an Instagram account so much fun is having one that is stylish and of course, artistically creative. There is certain amount of extreme satisfaction about having an outlet of your own to style as you choose and share with the world, even if it is just your followers, perhaps about how your vintage attache case and blue velvet coloured loafers paired perfectly with your new suit.


If are a fashion forward man looking for ways to take your social media to the next level, in this article we will go over six basic tips that can help you make your personal Instagram account more stylish. Whether you are looking to construct your own creative outlet, spruce up the one you already have or start paving the way to becoming a successful fashion blogger, here is how you can get started.



  1. Take the Time to Research

Thoroughly researching is one of the most important steps in making your Instagram account highly stylish. During the twice a year, holy mecca that is fashion week is the ideal time to get a feel for style. This time of the year is not only the most Instagrammable, it is also part of the never ending quest of the industry to remain exclusive, there are only a set amount of people who attend.

Checking out the menswear posts from those who sat in the front rows to get a feel of not only how but what you should post as well as what this season’s hottest upcoming trends are going to be.

Being as fashion week is long behind us, start with male bloggers who have incredibly on-point Instagram accounts. Look at how they take their Instagram pictures as well as the styling skills they use, this can help you gather inspiration for your own account.



  1. Create a Name or Use Your Own

Chances are that you have already created an Instagram account of your own, this is what you should most definitely continue to use, however at this point you should decide whether to keep the name you have or come up with something creative and catchy, something you have always wanted to try. If you choose a name that is newer, make sure that it captures your personal style, this brings us to our next point…



  1. Define Your Personal Style

Personal style is what separates on fashion blogger from the other. Before delving into this, not only should you know what looks best on you and the best ways for clothing to be tailor made to fit your body, it is crucial that you are aware of what your style is and define it: Are you a hipster who dresses as if the mechanic is his best friend, or are you the classical king of gentleman? If necessary, in order to solidify the definition of it, write it down. As you begin putting your outfits together and photographing your stylish ensembles, make sure that you stick to it.

Even though having an Instagram account that is more stylish may be your ultimate goal, there is something to be said about really taking on photography and on your Instagram account, showcasing your style to the world.

Nowadays if you are starting a blog, it is basically a given that you have to do so on Instagram.

Instagram is where you can build your brand the fastest. While styling your Instagram account, look at it as building your own small, personal brand, and that all begins with the way you view and define your personal style. Always stay true to who you are. This will help you create a buzz for your account and get more views on Instagram for your account.

Never try to become something that you believe everyone else wants you to be. Be real. Yes I know it sounds cliché, which is because it is what really resonates. What do people say about actors? There is just something about him/her that I really like.

This is the same thing for digital talent, this is why it is important to show that side of yourself.



  1. Photo Designs

When posting on Instagram, high quality content is very important. There are a variety of Instagram app filters,there are also ways to use the ones that come with Instagram perfectly, this can help to build up the quality of your content. This is the platform where you will be showcasing your outfits. Penchansky stated to WhoWhatWear: There are only a certain amount of ways you can shoot a particular photo, but the point of differentiation is that if you have personality, you showcase it.

There are various ways you can shoot your photos, you could take them yourself or have someone else take them for you. The important thing is to make sure that they focus on the outfit, the photo should be shot as if you were in action while wearing the clothes or as if it was a scene. If what you are wearing is very detailed, get some close ups and create collages of the outfit. If you are doing a shoot of a pair of shoes. Make sure that you shoot downward so that the shoes are clearly seen. Look over some top male fashion bloggers to see how this is done.





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