Avoid Sucking the Fun Out of Running a Sports Team

Setting up a sports team is a fun thing to do in your spare time. It’s a great way to socialize and build some skills, plus it can look pretty good on your resume. However, even if it starts as a fun thing to do, it can soon become more of a burden. You might enjoy spending time with your team, but maybe the organization side of it is taking its toll. If you want to avoid having the fun sucked out of it, there are a few things you can do. Follow the recommendations below to ensure you keep enjoying it.



Stay on Top of the Official Business

One thing that can suck the fun out of running a sports team is not paying attention to the official business. While it might seem like doing admin tasks will make everything more boring, it could be worse if everything piles up. You need to keep everything organized if you want the team to be fun for everyone. There could be a number of things you are responsible for, depending on where and how your team plays. Perhaps you have to look at sports kits for first aid or make sure you’re signed up for a tournament on time. To help yourself stay on top of everything, get organized and create a schedule of tasks.


Cultivate a Positive Team Culture

If everyone is to play together as a team, they all need to get along. Your team should be welcoming to everyone, and supportive too. Building a positive culture within your team will keep it fun for everyone, including you. If you want to build a positive culture, you should think about what values you want your team to hold. Ask yourself what goals you want to pursue and how you would like everyone to treat each other. The culture will develop organically, but you can also set expectations for people to follow.


Listen to Your Team

Having open communication in your team can stop things from turning sour. It’s not fun if your team views you as a dictator or outsider. Even though you’re in charge, you still want to be part of the team and as much of an equal as you can be. Making sure everyone gets a say in important matters is one way to keep your relationship with your team positive. Listen to what they have to say and respond to their opinions so everything is a team effort.


Ask for Help in Leading

You don’t have to lead a sports team on your own. If it’s too much for you, it could have you thinking about giving up. But if you share the work with someone else, it can help to put the fun back into running a team. You might ask the people on your team to contribute more and take over some of the duties you have. If no one wants to help, you can bring in someone else.


Running your sports team should be fun, so don’t let it become a burden. If you’re starting to lose interest, find ways to get back on track before giving up.

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