Always Running Away From Exercise? Try Team Sports

Most people want to stay in shape and keep their bodies healthy. However, many of us don’t have enough motivation to exercise regularly. For whatever reason, life gets in the way, and we find other ways to occupy our time. With that in mind, perhaps you might like to try joining a sports team this year? There should be plenty of them in your local area, and you might enjoy yourself. Exercising by playing games is much easier than working out at the gym. You have teammates to provide encouragement, and you won’t want to let your side down. So, consider some of the suggestions below when trying to get in shape this year.

  • Football

When it comes to team sports, football is by far the most popular in the UK. There are thousands of amateur teams you could join to improve your skills. If you’re young enough, you might even find opportunities to take things further. Who knows? You might get noticed by a scout and end up playing for a national team. There is every possibility your name could feature in lots of professional football articles. Maybe you’ll see it alongside the likes of David Beckham if you have the right skills? The coach on every team should help you to improve your game and perform as well as possible.



  • Hockey

There’s a misconception out there today that hockey is a sport for girls. That simply isn’t the case. It’s a fun and exciting game that’s open to both sexes, and it’s much better than using a gym. You just need to search online to find the contact details of your local team. All that running around is going to improve your fitness levels and get your heart pumping. Just make sure you learn the rules ahead of time. As it’s not the world’s most popular sport, many people fail to understand the game correctly. There is a national league in the UK for both men and women. So, again, there are lots of opportunities to progress if you’re committed to the sport.



  • Basketball

Basketball has always been more popular in the US than the UK. Even so, there are many clubs up and down the country you could join. Believe it or not, we have a national team and a professional league. Unless you’re incredibly tall and fit, you probably won’t become a famous basketball player. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t get fit playing the sport. One of the main advantages is that most games are played indoors. So, it’s the perfect solution for during the winter time when temperatures are low. Nobody wants to spend hours outside losing the feeling in their fingers, right?


While you don’t have to choose any of the team sports mentioned on this page, we hope we’ve managed to inspire you. Getting fit playing games is much easier than using those running machines at the gym. Also, you’ll probably reach your goals much sooner (excuse the pun.) So, you have nothing to lose, and you should begin your research today. Best of all? Most teams won’t charge a lot of money to join and start training. Everyone’s a winner!



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