A Step In The Right Direction – The Shoe Guide For Guys

No outfit, whether dress or casual, is complete without a good pair of shoes. Of course, the shoes need to be selected with care. They need to match your style but also complement the ensemble you’ve put together for your outfit. There are plenty of options here. Perhaps, there are too many choices! What you need is a guide that will steer you in the right direction. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’ve given you:


Dress Shoes

For the smartest of outfits, including those all important work suits, a dress shoe is a must. A high polish in on trend right now so shine up those toes. They don’t have to be black, although black will never go out of fashion. Right now you can’t go too wrong with tan either. Pick Oxfords or Derbys ( the difference is in the lacing ) and then all you need to select is the toe style.

There are four choices here. A whole cut Oxford without a high shine looks amazing, but if you prefer a little more decoration, then pick the cap toe or wingtip. A happy compromise would be the plain toe.

When should you wear a dress boot? The weather might be a factor here. The need for a supportive ankle, or simply a more comfortable fit. These look great beneath designer jeans as well as formal wear. The length of your pant cuff will have a part to play here too.



Smart Casual

Loafers are always ideal when you’re looking to stay smart but also stay comfortable. The soft finish adds a touch of luxury when you need. The most popular style of loafer right now is the penny loafer, but as with everything, there are some great variations on the theme. Of course, there are far more smart casual choices than just loafers out there!

Smart casual is certainly the direction that many mens designer shoes are heading toward. There has probably never been quite as much choice in mens fashion as there is at the moment, and shoes are no exception.


The Chelsea boot has been around for decades, but men don’t often find them to be a comfortable fit. There was a period in the early nineties when girls were enjoying their latest revival. Today, most Chelsea boot designers are offering only men the benefit of this attractive, smart casual shoe. Be wary of a shallow front slope from toe to top as these are unlikely to offer much support. Grip tags at the front and back of the ankle can be handy. These used to be a sign of good quality.





Most casual shoes are variations on the training shoe or trainer. This makes them flexible, practical and comfortable. However, it’s easy to get glassy eyed over something that looks great but isn’t necessarily good quality.


Consider what you’re wearing them for and what you’re wearing them with. If you’re buying discount shoes, check out the quality of the designer labels first. That way you’ll know what kind of sacrifice in quality and style you have to make! Don’t be casual about your shoe shopping.


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