4 Sports for the Brave and the Bold

Do you find our sporting life is a little short on excitement? Not everyone is suited to the same old gym workouts or park football. Many people prefer something a lot more visceral and exciting. So, if you have the guts, why not consider other sporting arenas that offer a little more exhilaration? Here are a few ideas for you to try – assuming you have what it takes!



Motocross racing

If you love motorbikes, why not see if you can do it competitively? You will need to get a license first, which will involve an eyesight and skills test. And, of course, you will need the full complement of biking gear, from the helmet all the way to your boots. But according to http://www.bikersbasics.com/, your search should not end there. You will also need to consider investing in something like Motorcross armor. Not only will it keep you safe when riding, but you can also slip it off easily between races. The racing bike arena is hot, sweaty and dusty. And, especially during the summer months, the danger of heat exhaustion is as real as the danger on the track.


Street luge

Bored of skateboarding? Setting out on your board the usual way is dangerous enough and can often result in several broken limbs. But if you want to take things a step further, why not try street luge? In essence, it’s just like skateboarding except you lie down on your back and steer with your entire body weight. You can pick up speed so fast that it can take your breath away. As http://streetlugepdx.com/ point out, you need lots of protective gear. It is also essential to be quick of mind, and incredibly agile. It’s easy to get hit by other riders or end up in a painful ball of broken limbs.



Scuba diving

Scuba diving is something that many people try when they are on their vacations. And because of this, few people recognize the dangers of the sport. The truth is that, despite the beautiful sights you see, the sea is incredibly dangerous. Sharks and rays lurk in many waters around the world – especially those suitable for scuba diving. And, of course, the pressure of the water can be lethal. Come up too fast in an emergency and you could end up with a decompression issue, such as the bends. It could lead to brain, lung, or spinal cord failure. Bit don’t let that put you off. With the correct training, scuba diving is a visceral and exciting experience that everyone should try at least once.


White water rafting

Again, a lot of tourists enjoy white water rafting as a vacation experience. But as any serious rafter will tell you, the rushing, white water and rocks can be perilous. It is, however, a total adrenaline rush for those that don’t mind letting go of control in dangerous environments. Take your time to learn this sport before trying out the world’s toughest river conditions.


Any exciting sports you would like to add? Why not share your ideas by adding a comment?


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