The Top Seven Different Reasons Why Men Should Garden


Now you may be wondering why examples of dead, manly gardeners mean that, as a man, I should pick up a fork and begin gardening. As a writer, I would have to say that you have a point – you should not have to garden if you do not want to. However, there are numerous reasons why gardening can be beneficial and here are at least seven of them.



#1 – Knowing Why You Are Eating

The popularity of organic and healthy eating is on the increase among people living in contemporary society. While this is beneficial for the person eating organic food, what is labelled organic in the store does not always mean it is organic. In fact, this natural food you are purchasing may present with several issues purely because it is produced on a large-scale basis.



#2 – Saving Money On Food

Money is a sensitive topic in the 21st century with the economic collapse in 2008 influencing many people’s purses. It has been found that performing home food gardening can increase monthly food expenses by approximately 30%. For example, growing heads of lettuce from a seed packet costing only $2 is cheaper than purchasing one head of lettuce at $2 per head.

Of course, there are individuals who will argue that home-grown produce gardening is not more cost-effective as you would need to buy all forms of gardening equipment, tools, overpriced fertilizer, and gardening gadgets. However, it is possible to maintain a home garden without purchasing these expensive items and being thrifty; for example, using recycled resources. This reduces cost and increases savings.



#3 – Impressing Or Attracting A Partner

The majority of males will attempt to impress their romantic partner, whether the person is already in a relationship or hoping to begin a relationship with a first date. If you invite the ‘special someone’ over to your home for a romantic meal, you will be able to impress them with freshly grown ingredients. Merely tell your date that you grew the tomato, herbs or salad ingredients yourself and it is more than likely a winning attraction feature. Gardening indicates skill and dedication, showing that you will be able to provide for any future family and care for them in a loyal and loving manner.



#4 – Making Your Self-Sufficient

At the moment, obtaining produce is as simple as heading down to the supermarket or local grocery store and grabbing any item off the shelf. However, what is there is some form of weather disaster or catastrophe that cuts off this food supply? Would you have access to food in this potential situation, and would you have any idea of how to begin growing your own food? Despite the fact that a zombie apocalypse is still far in the future, growing home-made produce can provide peace of mind in that you will not be reliant on distant food providers for sustenance.



#5 – Great Form Of Exercise

While there is the option of the gym as a place for exercising, not all people live close to these facilities or have the inkling to attend a gym. If you are not a fan of exercise, gardening can be a healthy and enjoyable means of avoiding obesity. The planting, cultivating, harvesting and lifting seem tiring; however, they can be fun to do and increase your health while growing grub.



#6 – A Form Of Meditation Or Therapy

The 21st century is a highly stressful time for the majority of people. Almost all individuals live with busy schedules and hectic lifestyles; therefore, finding a form of meditation or therapy to destress is essential. Gardening can be a great way to eliminate all the tension being experience and find inner peace. Think about it, there is no better way to relieve feelings of frustration or anger than destroying weeds or digging holes.




#7 – Reconnecting With Nature


Reconnecting with nature in this sense does not mean holding hands with people in the forest singing Kumbaya. This form of reconnection with nature refers to experiencing the outdoors by getting your hands dirty and interacting with nature in a practical way. As people have access to fresh food at grocery stores, we have lost connections with seasonal cycles and the flow of the earth. By gardening you can regain that and find an inner peace.


#8 – Express yourself


Gardening is creative and you have to make things to ensure your garden looks your best. Whether it’s food or just plants you wish to grow, you can be as creative as you like. Additionally, you can make things such as BBQs or even a water feature outdoors – here are some outdoor fountain ideas.


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