The 10 best groomsmen attire

Groomsmen attire; these words may not sound very important, but they most certainly are, seeing as they can add or take away from the color and beauty of a wedding. If your wedding plans include groomsmen, then it is important to think of your groomsmen outfits. The overall theme of the wedding also plays a huge part in determining what the groom and groomsmen would wear. Is it a casual, chic, boho, or beach wedding? Or is it a classic wedding? And so a key question to ask here, no matter the theme is, what do groomsmen wear?

Classic Groomsmen Attire: There is the classic groomsmen attire. I think everyone has an idea what this getup looks like. This is the classic suit or tuxedo with a tie in simple, matching colors. No mixing and matching, or ditching the ties. Any groom who wants a modern and classic wedding will go with this popular choice for his groomsmen.

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Casual Groomsmen Suits: There are so many options to choose from with the casual groomsmen suits. The groom suit ideas or his wedding attire will play a big role in what his groomsmen would wear because their attire would have to fit with his choices and casually makes it all the more interesting because there is so much you can do with this theme. For casual the groom and his boys can choose to ditch the suit jacket and leave on the classic white shirt or ditch the suit pants and change them for blue jeans instead. It is also possible to wear a print shirt instead of the classic white or ditch the all classic tie. The options are endless.

Light Grey Suits: This seemingly boring color can really jazz up a wedding party if matched correctly. With groomsmen in light grey suits, it is totally cool for the groom to be in a black suit or even dark grey. The groomsmen can have on ivory or white ties, same with the groom. They can wear monochrome darker vests or even go without vests at all. This option makes for a uniformity that brings a beautiful backdrop to a wedding.

Blue Shirts: For the love of blue. From cobalt blue to navy blue, to blue striped or baby blue, midnight blue or even indigo. A blue shirt theme for the groomsmen dress shirts comes with a lot of questions and so many options. Each of the groomsmen can put on shirts in different shades of blue or they can agree on a shade and stick with it. A blue shirt can also be denim which would look great with a wool jacket which could be a different shade of blue for monochromatic layering which also gives a really good look.

Rustic Attire For Groomsmen: For the rustic look it is important to throw in a bit of casual. The groom and his groomsmen can mix and match shirt colours or vests, the guys can wear leather suspenders with their shirts and ditch the jacket, or they can choose to wear eclecticto jazz up the scene. There are a lot of looks to go with for the rustic feel.

Non-Traditional Attire: Non-traditional groomsmen outfits could be mismatched, or sweaters instead of jackets, depending on the weather. The boys could wear shorts instead of pants for a beach wedding, and bare feet instead of shoes, or even show up in completely different colors; anything that takes away from the ordinary.

Tweed Vest: The tweed vest is a great addition to groomsmen suits. It’s a classic piece which can be worn with or without the jacket. It is such a looker that it is able to stand on its own with or without a tie to match.

Wool Layers For Winter Wedding: A winter wedding wouldn’t be complete without wool layers. Apart from keeping the guys warm, there are many different ways to style this look, what with sweaters, sports coats or even wool jackets and ties.

Suspenders For Modern Look: Suspenders give a stylish and modern look. Especially for a summer wedding, you can ditch the jacket and show off the suspenders with a matching tie and rolled up or not so rolled up sleeves.

Eclectic Jackets For Boho Wedding Style: It is totally impossible to make a boho style wedding dull, so why not make it even more interesting with an eclectic jacket for a choice of groomsmen attire. Something stylish, and yet out of the ordinary to brighten the scene.




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