STDs and Your Fitness: Is It Affecting You?


We all know that sex is important because it has physical, social, and emotional benefits. Humans are sexual beings who have needs that they like to satisfy. However, failure to take precautionary measures may lead to complications. Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise because sexually active people do not take it seriously.


If you have multiple sex partners and you do not use protection during sex, you have a high risk of getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD). It is crucial to know the effects of STDs in the body so you can defend yourself from infection. Misinformation about these diseases can lead to severe consequences and even death.


What are STDs?

STD is a short-term for sexually transmitted diseases. Based on its name, these diseases are most often transmitted through sexual intercourse. However, some STDs are spread through other methods besides having sex. An STD may also transmit through:


  • Pregnancy. When the pregnant woman is already infected with an STD, she can transmit the disease to her child. Breastfeeding is also another way to transfer an STD to the nursing child.


  • Skin-to-skin contact. Some STDs such as herpes simplex are transmitted when you touch the infected area of someone who has the said disease. Even if you do not have sex, you can get infected with the herpes simplex virus just by direct contact with the skin.


  • Needles. Drug abusers are usually at risk of contracting STDs because of their addiction. They tend to share needles with others. If share needles with an infected person, you have a high risk of getting infected.


Who are at Risk for Getting Infected with STDs?

You have the freedom to express your sexual freedom. It is your right to satisfy your urges whenever you want to. However, it is best to apply the necessary precautions to avoid increasing your risk of getting infected with an STD.


How do you determine if you are at risk of having STDs? These are the risk factors:


  • You have multiple partners. Having sex with different partners puts you at risk for STDs. Since most sexually transmitted diseases do not show visible symptoms, you will have a hard time determining which of your partners are already infected.


  • You have a current drug addiction. Your drug addition will not only cost you your health, but it could cost you your life. Being a drug addict with a sexually transmitted disease is a deadly combination because your body’s vitality and immunity are destroyed. Sharing needles with people whom you do not know can get you infected with an STD.


  • You trade sexual services for money. If your business involved providing sexual services, you are putting yourself at risk for an STD infection. Since your clients pay you for the sex, you cannot request to use protection if your client does approve. You lose your customers, and you lose money. However, this sex trade will eventually lead you to lose your health.


  • You do not have protection when you have sex. Failure to use condoms or other methods of protection during sex puts you at risk of getting an STD. It is crucial to remember that using protection while having sexual intercourse reduces your risk of having STDs.

How STDs Affect Your Fitness

During their early stages, you may not notice how sexually transmitted diseases will affect your health and fitness. However, as the conditions progress, you will eventually feel the difference and their effects on your body. Long-term effects of STDs include:


  • Infertility. Some STDs are responsible for infertility. Chlamydia, as well as gonorrhea, can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease or PID. It causes severe pain in the pelvic area due to inflammation. As a result, it can block the fallopian tubes and prevent woman from ovulating and producing fertile eggs.


  • Pregnancy. Sexually transmitted diseases have adverse effects on pregnancy. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are known to affect a mother’s pregnancy and the unborn child’s health. The negative consequences of STDs on pregnancy include:
    • Blindness
    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Infant pneumonia
    • Meningitis
    • Neonatal infections
    • Premature birth
    • Septic arthritis


  • Immunity. Some STDs attack the body’s immunity, making it too weak to defend the body from harmful diseases. HIV/AIDS is the last stage of HIV. Once HIV-positive patients reach this stage, their immunity drops and they are more susceptible to getting infected with other infections.


  • Vitality. With a weak immune system, those who are infected with HIV experience fatigue and shortness of breath while they do simple physical activities such as walking or climbing a flight of stairs. Their vitality is also affected, which makes it difficult for them to perform regular tasks.


Other effects include experiencing pain while urinating. Those who have STDs also experience pain while having sex. Those who have sexually transmitted diseases are also at risk of developing cervical, anal, vaginal, or cancer of the penis. Severe STD conditions can even cause death. This is why having confidential STD testing is important, as it can help let you know of possible infections you have and you can mitigate or treat them before they get worse, and so that your fitness routine wouldn’t be affected by these unfortunate circumstances.



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