Switch Up Your Workouts By Adding This Equipment To Your Home Gym


Even if you’re a regular at your local gym, a home gym is a solid investment for people of all fitness levels. Even if you’ve had to stay late at work or other commitments mean a missed gym session, you have no excuse when you have equipment right there in your home and ready to. Alternatively, you could work out just from a home gym to keep costs down. Either way, here are some great additions to help switch up your workouts.


Grappling Dummy

Grappling is an incredible workout. Using a grappling dummies allows you to reap the fitness rewards without having to rely on another person or even leave the house to take part in a class. Psychologists have praised grappling sports such as judo and jiu-jitsu as increasing self-esteem, improve depression and even aiding in sleep. Along with these benefits, it’s also, of course, great for physical fitness. So if you want to improve your technique or just workout, this is a great addition to your home gym.


Continuous Rope

Rope climbing is fantastic for so many areas of your body. It works both your upper and lower body, your core and strengthens your grip. It burns calories, builds stamina and all in all is an awesome workout. The only glitch is not too many home gyms are going to have a ceiling high enough to climb a traditional rope. However, thanks to ‘endless rope’ machine you can now reap the benefits at home. If you’re serious about getting fit and strong, this is certainly one way to go about it. A grueling workout but one that offers incredible rewards on your health and physique.


Xbox Kinect

The Xbox Kinect isn’t just for messing around on at family parties. The games actually offer some impressive workouts that can be really beneficial. You probably already have a tv in your home gym, so it’s just a case of plugging in a console and you’re ready to go. Nike, UFC, and EA amongst others have released workout and fitness games, so this could be a fun way to get in shape, or even just warm up/down.


Rubber Resistance Bands

Looking to really challenge yourself? Try adding rubber resistance bands to your workouts. They have the benefits of being small and easy to store so are the perfect choice if you’re short on space. The resistance can be increased allowing you to comfortably work your way up. They’re cheap, add variety and can be used with a range of exercises you’re already familiar with.


Weighted Vest

Another way to amp up your current workout is to purchase a weighted vest. If you’ve reached the stage in your fitness journey that regular workouts are too easy and don’t challenge you enough, this is a great way to make everything fresh again. Start with lighter weights and increase them the stronger you get. As with the bands, this is something that can easily be added to your current routine without much cost or equipment that takes up a lot of room. It provides amazing cardio and musco-skeletal benefits and helps to keep things varied and exciting too.


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