Survive That Late Night Walk Home Without Becoming A Vigilante

Walking through a town centre late at night on your own can sometimes feel like a scene from a zombie movie. There’s a lot of lurching, an ever-present sense of threat and not much of what is being said is intelligible. Even if the general vibe is positive, the part that alcohol can play in this means there is a volatility to it. And even if we’ve been part of the lurchy, slurry crowd before, it can feel intimidating. If you’re just coming home from work, or have had a night workout, it can feel like you’ve stepped into an underworld.

Some people walk effortlessly through this mix, telling themselves that they’ll be fine if some idiot attacks them. After all, for all the things drinking does for your inhibitions, it takes away your balance. But this is to reckon without the fact that it takes just a few moments and a lucky swing for someone to hurt you. Although women have this much worse, it’s something that men need to consider too.


Having some tips for self-defence and self-preservation will make a big difference. The best bet is always to not get involved, but if you find yourself in that position, getting out unscathed is what you’re after.


  1. If You Can, Get A Taxi


Oh, I know, it sounds sarcastic. But walking home among revellers is never going to be a totally safe thing. If you have the money there and there are taxis available, take one. You’re then encased in metal and glass, protected from the worst of the idiots.


  1. There Is Some Safety In Numbers


While a normal impulse might be to avoid the crowds, bear in mind that it only takes one individual to do something stupid. It’s easy to think of night time crowds as one heaving mass of drunken chaos. The truth is, however, that only a few of them will be really intoxicated. Being near people means witnesses and assistance if you’re attacked. It also means police may well be around, and less chance of an attack.


  1. Be Ready For That One Moron

As much as you may do to avoid being stepped to, there are some idiots in society and when you add alcohol they become extremely confident idiots. Having some self-defence in your armoury can be beneficial. You don’t need to be a cage-fighter, but some judo or krav maga moves can be of great use.

You’re not looking to knock them out – that can end badly. But being able to block their attack and get them in a hold can be all the message they need. It’s better to know how to do it and not need to than vice versa.


In the end, it’s really about what it takes to get you home safely. Some of the tips you’ll hear involve always carrying something that can be used as a weapon. If that makes you feel confident, OK, but remember that among the chaos of a drunken attack, things don’t tend to work to a plan. You can end up hurting yourself, or the other person in a way which leads to legal problems. If you can avoid the situation altogether, that’s for the best. If you cannot, you want it to be resolved as simply as possible.




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