Stylish and Functional: Essential Accessories You Need in Your Stash


Even if you choose to dress in a simple kind of way, the right accessories can add style and personality to your outfit. These are things that are functional but can also look good too, and often are worth spending a bit more money on. Here are some accessories every man needs in their stash.



A good watch will last you forever if you looked after it well. A wristwatch is far quicker and more convenient to check the time on instead of grabbing your phone from your pocket. Evidence shows that people who wear watches are more punctual than those who only use their phones, so the trusty wristwatch shouldn’t be made obsolete ! If you’re into fitness and sports then a fitness tracker could be the way to go as these also function as a regular watch. You can even purchase nicer bands to make them look dressier for evening wear too. The Fitbit and Apple Watch are both great ones to consider, but do your research as there are lots out there. Otherwise, head into a jewellers and pick out a standard watch that suits your budget and aesthetic.



A wallet is essential for keeping everything you need together and staying organized. You have the option of carrying a bag such as a satchel or backpack, but a lot of men choose not to so a good wallet is necessary. Pulling out something that’s worn and overfilled can be embarrassing, and since it’s something that’s used so often, it makes sense to get a nice one. Something made from quality leather will last you longer and won’t fall to pieces within a few months, plus it will look stylish too.


Phone Case

As with your wallet, your phone is something that will be in and out of your pocket all day. As well as keeping your device protected against bumps and free of scratches, it can also look stylish too. So when you’re pulling out your phone to play the FFXV mobile strategy game or watch some Youtube while you’re on your morning commute, your phone will look the part and match up to the rest of your outfit. You can find cases in real leather and even wood, if you spend a little more here the quality will usually be better.



Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be a challenge, they will depend entirely on the shape and size of your face. For this reason, you should never buy online, go into a store and try on lots of pairs. Any that are too big or too small, to narrow or too wide or just the wrong shape will be hugely unflattering. So spend some time here, take an honest friend in with you who can help you decide on the right pair for you. Invest in a



Have you been wearing the same scent for years? If your tastes have changed, then it might be time to go for something new. Counters in department stores are very helpful; you don’t have to decide then and there. You can always ask for a few samples and then go home and make your mind up. Fragrances develop and change over time , so it makes sense to wait a while rather than choose something based on the initial smell.



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