Cherry On Top: Get To Know Your Accessories


No matter the style , no matter the fit, no matter the person inside it, if you wear it right, a single outfit can be enough to change everything that people think about you. But if you want that kind of impact, you’ve got to think about the details. Don’t just look at the big pieces of your outfit, think about the little ones and how they affect the big picture. This is the true strength of accessories. They can improve, elevate, and even transform and ensemble into something totally new. But they can also cause the whole thing to break down entirely. Your choice of accessories have to be carefully considered, and you can’t take even the slightest detail for granted.

A watch

There’s something of an art to wearing a watch that seems to have been lost over the last half a decade or so. This probably comes down to the reality of each and every one of us having a device in our pockets that can tell time more accurately than ever before. Not only that but the cultural obsession with digital watches which were almost uniformly ugly, cheap looking, and instantly dated, meant that timepieces lost the valuable sense of style and refinement that has always defined them in the past. But there’s a shift away from that attitude now. Watch companies are looking back, embracing what worked in the past and combining it with everything that we’ve learned over the last two decades.

A tie

Whether it’s a tie, a necklace, or anything else, what you wear around your neck needs to be closely connected to everything else going on around it. Outside of something with tremendous sentimental value, you can’t just wear the same things with every outfit. Different ties aren’t going to fit with certain colours and cuts of suits , and the choice of necklace needs to be based on the rest of your ensemble. And don’t be afraid to branch out in some interesting ways, especially with a more casual outfit. A lot of guys would baulk at the idea of a choker, but they can add a great deal of interest to a subtle outfit without going too far into the territory of being gauche or indulgent.


When it comes to rings, subtlety is the name of the game. Unless you want to look like a prince or an oil baron, you don’t want your hands covered in rocks. Simple bands in either silver or gold are the best option. The patterning is up to you, from plain bands to Celtic engravings, the choice comes down to your preferences and outfit. You should also keep them to a maximum of one per hand unless you’re feeling especially bold. Rings are the perfect example of how a small touch can make a huge difference to any outfit. If you try to pile on too many then you’re just going to end up looking cheap, not to mention flashy (and not in a good way).

Now, don’t think that you can create the style you need just by throwing all of these things on and hitting the streets. A perfect style is about subtlety. Think Van Gogh, not Jackson Pollock. You’re working with a fine paintbrush here, not a roller. Pick a choose your accessories with as much, if not more care than you would the rest of your ensemble.


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