Stay In Shape The Easy Way: How Fun And Fitness Can Combine


Are you one of those people who gets up in the morning, excited to go to the gym?

That question could get the same response by asking: are you a pod person?

For the vast majority of us, getting fit and staying in shape is something we have to do. That doesn’t necessarily make it pleasurable. Sure, we enjoy the end results and value the work we put in getting there… however. Let’s be honest. If you could get the same feeling and physique from sitting on the sofa, eating pizza and watching a film, you would.

For those of you who are looking at this and thinking: “no I wouldn’t”, you’re pod people. Sorry to have to tell you this; you might want to have a chat with a therapist to adjust to this state of being.

So for the rest of us normal non-pod people, is there any way of getting fit without… getting fit? Without actually feeling like we’re doing anything? You’ve probably heard of ideas to make fitness fun; they tend to come in the shape of crazes everyone goes wild for and then forgets.


Can Being Childish Be A Way of Getting Fit?

Big boys and their toys – there’s no need to be all high and mighty here. You’re among friends. And we all know, because we’re the same, that there’s a part of you that wants a drone. You want to buy one, run through some practical details and then go off and fly it into trees and spy on the neighbour’s dog.

So do so! In a park! That’s where the fitness bit comes in. Don’t sit down and play with your new toy (or piece of intelligence equipment, if it makes you feel better) – get out and about and run around. Seek new things to look at; you’ll soon forget you’re actually exercising at the same time.


Can Going To A Sporting Event Be Classed As Working Out?

Not unless you’re playing in it. Sorry, we’re not miracle workers. Though you could give yourself a boost by walking to the venue rather than driving; though you might offset this in beer consumed.



Can Chores and Working Out Be Combined?

You may be thinking we’ve lost the plot in suggesting that you combine two things that you don’t like. There may be some truth in that. Maybe we’re the pod people.

Okay, in all seriousness, why not combine two things you hate into one time period? Say you spend an hour at the gym per day and an hour doing your bit around the house. That’s two hours. One hour that combines both exercise and taking the bins out and all of that stuff – you gained an hour. You can use it to play with your drone!


Can Going Shopping With Your Girlfriend Be A Workout?

Yes! And you get boyfriend points too – everybody wins. Besides, setting a fast pace through the shopping centre (“it’s my creative cardio,” you tell her, honestly) means you might be out of there quicker. Everyone wins.


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