Revive and Refresh: Five Relaxing Vacation Activities All Guys Will Love

When life is faced paced and chaotic, a holiday is just the thing to bring everything back into balance. A chance to kick back, relax and totally unwind; a break from the everyday stresses and something to look forward to throughout the year. But a peaceful holiday doesn’t have to be a boring one, there’s so more to do than simply sit on a sun lounger and top up your tan. So if you’re looking to relax while still have fun, here are five relaxing activities you can do while you are away on your luxury holiday.



Go on a Boat Trip

With the wind in your hair and salt in the air, how could you not be relaxed? Whether it’s a glass bottomed boat where you can marvel at the life under the ocean or a luxury yacht , spending time on a boat is a sure fire way to kill any tension and relax on holiday. Sitting back and taking in the views is truly good for the soul.



Play Some Golf

There are few sports that are more relaxing than golf, it’s an incredibly peaceful activity and is a great way to get some gentle exercise and fresh air. In order to concentrate on the game it requires you to free yourself from everyday thoughts and concerns, which is exactly what you want from a relaxing holiday activity. A site like will show you all the best places you can go golfing on vacation, or you could choose a resort that offers all inclusive golf to really get into the ‘swing’ of it while you’re away.



Go Fishing

Fishing is so relaxing, it has even been proven to promote good health ! It’s a good way to put your feet up and enjoy the scenery and feel at one with nature, plus you’ll get a great sense of accomplishment if you catch something interesting. You could indulge in some deep sea fishing from a boat, or throw down a line from the shore, pier or beach.



Visit a Spa

The ultimate in luxury and relaxation, visit a spa for some pampering treatments and a massage. Spas certainly aren’t just a place for women, they’re a great way to relieve some of the tension from a long flight, plus you can set the relaxed vibe for the rest of your trip. From Indian head massage to Swedish hot stone massage; different spas around the world will have different treatments and techniques in their culture, and so even if you are a frequent traveller each experience will be completely unique.



Try the Local Cuisine

Can you picture anything more relaxing than sitting down to a delicious dish of exotic food, and sipping on something cold and refreshing? By going out to eat you are able to immerse yourself in the local culture without the hustle and bustle. Search online for the places to enjoy a relaxing meal where you are staying, be sure to check out the reviews to give you the best idea of what to expect.



Try some of these activities for a fun filled holiday, that will still leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and ready for whatever life throws at your for the rest of the year!


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