Relaxing Yet Rewarding: Chilled Out Hobbies For Guys

Regardless of who you are, what you do and how old you are, everyone needs hobbies. We all need something fun and productive that allows us to have meaning outside of work hours, to continue developing our skills and a way to meet like minded people. Ideally we will have a couple of hobbies that fulfil different needs, and one of these hobbies should be to help us relax and clear our minds. These are the kinds of hobbies that you’d do on a relaxed weekend, or still have the energy to do after a long day at work. The kind of hobby that you’d go and do if you were stressed or just wanted some peace. Here are some ideas!


Golf or Driving Range

We recently wrote a post on why you should start playing golf , one of them being that it’s so therapeutic. While it will still keep you active it’s not a fast paced sport so you won’t get worked up into a sweat and you have peace and quiet to relax or think through your problems. It gets you outside and this alone can be a mood booster- sunlight, fresh air and calm peaceful nature. If you play a lot of golf, you could look into brand new golf carts for sale . These would be ideal for anyone who plays a lot of the sport, but even more so if you have a disability or condition that means you can’t walk too far. Another option would be to go to the driving range, instead of playing a full game of golf you can practice your technique- fantastic whether you’re new to the sport or are a seasoned pro. Again it’s a chance to get outdoors but there’s no need for any social interaction (if you don’t want it) or massive amounts of thinking power.



Is there any sport that’s more peaceful and relaxing than fishing? This activity is all about patience, and so once you’re set up you will be spending most of your time sitting peacefully and enjoying the quiet. With fishing you get to learn lots of techniques, different baits, you can catch and learn about different kinds of fish and you might even be able to eat your catch depending on what it is! Just make sure you have a license for where you’re fishing , and that it is in fact permitted. Not every pond, lake or area of public land will allow people to fish so do check beforehand. It can be a fantastic way to spend a chilled out day, or you could even get a tent and go night fishing. Pack up a picnic, or if you’re not driving you could even enjoy a couple of alcoholic drinks. Whether you fish with a friend or on your own, it’s certainly a relaxing hobby and perfect when you want to get out of the house but not do anything too strenuous.



It’s well worth having a hobby that keeps you fit, and you might enjoy going to the gym, running, playing a team sport or lifting weights at home. However you’re not always going to be in the right frame of mind to do these things. Maybe you’re having a rest day from hard exercise, or perhaps you’re just exhausted after a long day or week at work and want something more relaxing. If so, swimming could be the perfect option- it works out just about every muscle in your body but is low impact and as you’re in the water you won’t get yourself hot and bothered. You’ll release those all important endorphins that will make you feel good, but won’t be going for the burn or even feel like you’re pushing yourself that much. Hop in the pool and do some laps until you’re tired, you’ll feel great afterwards and the activity will help you to release restless energy and allow you to clear your head.



Gardening can be incredibly strenuous and is certainly good for a workout if you’re going to be doing any landscaping, digging, weeding or jobs such as painting fences and sheds. However it doesn’t all have to be such hard work, and if you want a more chilled activity there’s lots you can get on with in the garden. How about sprinkling some seeds into pots and tending to them each day- you can easily create a little herb garden which is not only satisfying to achieve but can save you money too. You can deadhead any flowers that have finished blooming, put down fertiliser in beds and on the lawn and lightly prune any shrubs that are growing too large. Gardening is satisfying and productive and with lots of tasks you can get on with each week and also each season there are things you can do regardless of what mood you’re in.



How about wood turning or whittling , metal forging or leatherwork? Decide on the material you’d like to work with and then look online for the equipment and tools you’ll need. There’s plenty of project advice and inspiration online so you can get started and build your skills. If you work a job where you don’t get much creative freedom and are feeling a bit stifled then having something like this that you can enjoy in your spare time can be really useful.



At a glance this might not sound like the manliest of hobbies, but most of the world’s most renowned chefs are guys and we’ve certainly moved past the old stereotype of it just being women in the kitchen! Not only is cooking relaxing but you and your family can enjoy the fruits of your labour. Unlike baking which is very scientific and precise- when it comes to cooking you have more creative freedom. As long as you have basic techniques mastered and know what flavours work well together, you can have fun with it and come up with all kinds of dishes. Give yourself some background knowledge by practicing set recipes first- read articles and watch cooking programs. From there you can get out there in the kitchen and transform your ingredients of choice!


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