Low Confidence? Give it a Boost!

Low confidence is a problem that affects many men today. In the modern world, it’s easy to feel like you’re not good enough. We’re always comparing our lives to those we look at online, feeling jealous of our friends perfect Instagram feeds or wanting more than we’ve got. We’re under pressure to provide for our families while also making time to be more involved at home with the kids and the housework.

Men today are also under more pressure than ever to look good. Men struggle with eating disorders and anxiety issues, they spend time worrying about how they look and their weight and struggle to feel proud and confident.

This lack of confidence can be hard to fix. However, if left, it can lead to depression and anxiety, low self-esteem and other mental health issues. If you are feeling bad about yourself, in any respect, then do something about it. Find ways to boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem so that you can fully enjoy your life.




Exercise is a fantastic way of boosting your confidence. It’ll help you to lose weight and tone up. Which makes you look amazing and gives you a sense of pride, knowing that you have done something to better yourself. Exercise also releases serotonin and endorphins into your brain. Both of which boost your mood and make you feel good. Exercise basically gives you a great natural high.

If you’re new to exercise, haven’t done it for a while or struggle with injuries start light, with some brisk walks before building up to something more high impact. If you’re not a big gym fan, find some fun ways to exercise . You are more likely to stick to something you enjoy.




For the best results when it comes to losing weight and toning up, you need to diet as well as exercise. Before you rush into starting a diet without and research and preparation, read this honest review of the 21 day fix program , which could be ideal if you are looking for fast results.

Even if your weight isn’t something that you are worried about, eating well can help you to feel more positive and confident. Make sure you drink plenty of water every day, as well as avoiding refined sugars and saturated fats and eating loads of fruit and veg. These changes can make you feel more alert and generally better in yourself.



Take a Course

Exercise isn’t’ the only way to do something for yourself. You could also learn something new. Many of us stop learning when we leave school. This is a shame, as at school we never fully appreciate the opportunity. Have a look at some courses online and think about what you would like to learn more about before applying. With so many online courses available nowadays, education is very much open to everyone, and it’s never too late to learn.



Take a Social Media Break

Social media is fantastic. It makes it easy to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world as well as giving you a chance to meet new people. But, it can be addictive, and it can have an adverse effect on your self-esteem. If you find you are constantly scrolling down your Instagram feed, comparing your life to others or feeling jealous and envious of what you see, it might be time to take a break. Remind yourself that everything you see online is what the sharer wants you to see. It’s the edited and filtered version of their life. It isn’t real.



Find Something You’re Good At

It’s very very easy to lose confidence but much harder to build it back up. One great way to do it is to find something you are good at. Try some new hobbies or a new sport, focus on things you’ve excelled at in the past. It could be almost anything, as long as you enjoy it and you feel you are good at it (regardless of what anyone else might think). When you’ve found it, keep doing it. Then even on your hardest of days, you’ll have a reminder of what you can do well.


Improving your confidence can make you more attractive to others as well as making yourself feel great. So, take some time to try some new things to help. If you are still concerned or really struggling to boost yourself, consult your doctor who may be able to offer you further help and advice.

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