How to Keep Yourself Occupied When You’re in the Pub

Keeping yourself occupied when you’re in the pub is essential for helping you enjoy it more. It’s not just a watering hole; it’s a social hub and one you should make full use of. These are just a few of the great ideas for how to keep yourself occupied when you’re in the pub. You should embrace these forms of entertainment and heighten your pub experience.



A lot of pubs these days run their own pub quizzes once a week. This is a great opportunity to take get together with friends and pit your wits against other people in the pub. You need to form a quiz team that is based on the strengths of everyone and make sure you have each category covered. Coming up with a great quiz team name is also very important. A pub quiz is a great form of entertainment to keep you busy while you’re in the pub. If you’ve never done a pub quiz before then now is the perfect time to get started with it.


Pub Machines

Any decent pub is going to provide several forms of entertainment for customers. You’ll have the pub quiz and probably some pool tables too. But, you also need to think about the other forms of entertainment that pubs offer. For example, there are plenty of pub machines that are kept throughout bars and pubs. These are things like fruit machines and games machines. They provide an alternative form of entertainment that you can enjoy if you’re not the sporty or pub quiz sort.



Watch Football

If you’re in a UK pub, there’s a likelihood that there will be a big screen TV showing football. You can get involved by watching the highs and lows of the beautiful game. Whether it’s the Premier League or the Euros, it’s pretty clear that football is the greatest sport in the world . And watching it can provide you with a great source of entertainment (unless England are playing!). This is a great way of killing a couple of hours, and you can get involved in some football related debates with strangers.


Play Board Games

A lot of boozers nowadays have taken to supplying board games for patrons to play. This puts a twist on the pub entertainment angle and makes for a much more refined experience. You need to make use of the board games that are provided. You can while away the hours playing board games while you sip drinks and enjoy the company of your friends. You might never have thought about playing a board game in a UK pub. But, these days it is much more common than you would have thought.

You might not associate pubs with having much in the way of entertainment besides drinking, but you’d be surprised. There are a lot of options to choose from when you’re in the pub. And it’s important to have a variety of choice these days as well. You can see from the above post that you have plenty to be getting on with next time you visit your local.




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