How to be Confident all The Time – Guest post by Matthews McGarry

How to be Confident all The Time?

Confidence is a state of being certain, a feeling that you can rely on your powers and get things done. In its fickle form, it is subject to highly personal, internal thought processes. People who lack self-confidence shy away from taking action, and feel anxious when they need to state their opinion. They hoist the white flag even before entering a battle, and assume a fizzle is the most likely outcome of any challenge. Well, just because you feel down today does not mean you will continue to do so indefinitely.

On the inside

Although many people decide to surrender themselves to insecurity, the roots of poor confidence can be identified and worked on. Moreover, the good news is that confidence can indeed be learned, even if some of it is the product of family and genes. Namely, at its core, confidence is a set of actions and traits that have practical applications and an underlying purpose. Irresolute people, for example, tend to underestimate what they are capable of, and are quite hard on themselves.

The first step is to figure out why you act the way you do. You may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, but note that your environment and past have a huge role to play. It is not only major incidents, but also small moments that impact our self-confidence. Still, the more likely culprit is consistent action such as bullying. So, travel down memory lane and face your fears. This is the only way to move on, unburdened by the shackles of the bygone.

Once you sort that out, it is time to turn to the frontier of the present and the future. One of the best ways to pull this off is to invest more in yourself. Yet, bear in mind that confidence is not to be confused with arrogance or selfishness. Your motivations are the key, but that is not to say that you should neglect the external side of confidence. In fact, after you reconcile with the inner realities, your next steps lead you to the realm of the physical, a dimension which holds a great power to transform your life.

External powers that be

There is no point in ignoring the fact that physical appearance is one of the centerpieces of confidence. Clothes do not make a man, but they can make him happy. For better or worse, other people judge you based on your attire, so why should you leave this impression to chance? To dress for success, update your wardrobe, keep it neat, crisp and well-maintained, and stay on top of the latest trends. You will be surprised by the instant change in how others perceive you.

Similar lifestyle changes are probably the best shot you have. It is a good idea not to overwhelm yourself with a myriad of simultaneous shifts, and implement simple habits one by one. Do not expect immediate results, as these things take time to build, yet alone produce results. Also, you may feel weird at first, but let these new activities grow on you. Many people fake it in the initial stage, only to find that over time, they really start to act the part.

Constantly looking in the mirror does not help unless you have a picture to behold in it. So, install a fitness tracker app, download your favorite music, and get ready to break some sweat. Physical activity and exercise do miracles for confidence levels, and that is just one of the crown jewels you can obtain. Do not dread the notion of visiting a gym. People there have seen their fair share of newcomers, and like to stick to their own business. There are always a thousand excuses you can find, and only one way to go— past them into the world of the more confident self.

Long live confidence

Unless you adopt new things in your habit pattern, you will only spin in circles. Doing the same old thing and expecting different results is a misleading illusion, to say the least. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, beyond the borders of who you are right now. Start small, but commit to getting on the road to being more confident in the long term. This involves a draining battle against ego and personality, and a huge amount of willpower. The greatest problem is often not the absence of trying, but the short-lived nature of the effort.


Author: Mathews McGarry

athews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and has spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for a better life. He is an all-around fitness adviser and his words are strong as an Australian Bull.

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