Fitness Benefits of Lower Blood Pressure


According to Blood Pressure UK, one in three adults in the UK has High Blood Pressure (hypertension). Many of the affected are unaware that they have it since there are no obvious symptoms, especially at the onset. Blood pressure is necessary for blood to circulate well around the body, ensuring that the organs are supplied with oxygen and nutrients. In stressful situations, the activity of sympathetic nervous system increases causing the pressure to rise. Hypertension can damage the body causing heart attack, disability, and even death. Treatment and lifestyle changes can help in treatment and management of high blood pressure. Taking control measures is essential even when you are not experiencing any symptoms. Lowering high blood pressure is important for fitness and better performance.



Preserves The Body Organs

An increase in blood pressure can damage bodily organs such as the kidney, brain, bones, eyes, limbs, and heart. Some of the damage done to the heart and other organs can be irreversible. Approximately a third of kidney failures usually result from hypertension. For seniors, hypertension may lead to a loss of memory function. It can contribute to loss of memory, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

When the blood pressure is high, more calcium is excreted in urine thus leading to a loss of bone mineral density, a condition known as osteoporosis. The condition has a strong effect on postmenopausal women, putting them at a greater risk of fractures. Another organ that could be significantly affected is the eye. The high pressure can damage the blood vessels in the eyes damaging the retina.



Improves Overall Performance

Hypertension can cause shortness of breath, headaches, and anxiety affecting general body performance. Lowering the blood pressure helps avoid such symptoms that affect how effectively one performs their activities.



Reduce Chances Of Stroke And Heart Attack

When blood pressure is high, artery walls are damaged. This damage is the cause of heart attack and stroke. It could also result in heart failure. High pressure causes the arteries to stretch too much. If the condition is left unattended, scar tissue is formed within the arteries causing them to narrow down. Narrowed arteries can result in coronary artery disease and blood clots.

As the complications begin to develop, the heart is forced to work harder. This causes it to grow weaker and increases the chances of a heart failure. By lowering the blood pressure, patients can prevent the arteries from getting damaged and the heart growing weak.



Ensures That Sexual Function Is Maintained

Sexual dysfunction, in both men and women, can be a result of hypertension. For men, proper blood flow to the penis is necessary to achieve an erection. When arteries are affected, blood flow is impaired, and this can lead to erectile dysfunction, impotence, and painful intercourse. For women, hypertension can cause vaginal dryness. Some hypertension patients experience painful intercourse and decreased sexual drive. Others have difficulty achieving sexual satisfaction.

High Blood Pressure has so many health risks. Lowering blood pressure can help one lead a better and lower risk life. Have your pressure checked regularly and take the necessary measures if the pressure is higher than the recommended. Patients should make the necessary lifestyle changes and strictly adhere to medications prescribed by the doctor.



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