Could You Become A Model?



Becoming a model is no easy feat. It’s a competitive industry that takes a lot of perseverance and self-promoting. That said, it’s also a vast career field – whilst many aim to be on the runway or in fashion magazines, models are needed for all kinds of product advertisements and events. Here are some of things to consider when trying to break into modelling.


Size doesn’t matter

The idea that as a male model you have to be slim and beautiful is old-fashioned. Whilst the traditional fashion shows may still favour people of a certain size, there are openings in the modelling industry for people of all heights, sizes, shapes and ethnicities. There are even models for specific body parts such as hand models and foot models. Scars and tattoos can be covered up, whilst other abnormalities could be your selling point. Obviously, you still need to take care of your appearance and live healthily. Most important is having confidence in yourself.



Find your niche

Every model needs a unique selling point. Know your measurements, your unique features and the kind of things you’re willing to model for. This will help you to locate your niche. Just because you can’t model for swimwear doesn’t mean you may not be perfect for modelling suits.



Create a portfolio

You’ll need to take a load of shots of yourself to show modelling agencies and contractors that you’re model material. Whilst a buzzing Instagram account can help, make sure that not all your photos are selfies or snaps taken by friends. Working with a professional photographer might not only allow you to get some great quality pictures, it could also show your ability to network and the fact that you take modelling seriously.



Visit a modelling agency

There should be a few modelling agencies in your area. Sites such as Model Management offer a list of agencies to try out. Apply to ‘open call’ sessions and see if you get accepted. Research modelling agencies first to ensure you don’t get scammed – some may ask for an upfront fee but this should never be more than $20.



Look for job openings

Companies may be looking for models directly without the help of an agency. Look out for advertisements online such as this ad looking for the face of Admiral Grooming . Also check out photography studios that may have ads in the window.



Be entrepreneurial

You may be able to go out there and create work for yourself, even if it’s voluntary. You could ask a local clothes store or events company to model for them as a way of helping them to market. This may involve hiring a photographer – alternatively you could contact a local college and get a photography student to work with you for free to help build up their portfolio. The best models are always networking with other people in other industries. This experience will all look great on your CV. Make enough of a reputation for yourself and you could even get scouted.



Stay keen

You’re likely to get rejected a few times on your path to a modelling career. Don’t be disheartened – many of the most successful models had to deal with a tone of rejection. Take criticism on board and use it to improve. With enough perseverance you will get that dream job.




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