Look Good For A Living


Caring for your appearance can be a great help when perusing any career. However, there are some careers in which good looks and dressing smartly can be a job requirement. For those that take great pride in their appearance, here are just a few occupations that could be worth considering.




If any job relies wholly on appearance, it’s modelling. It’s certainly a competitive industry, but it’s also a very vast industry with a lot of different ways in. There are many different types of male models – whilst many may aspire to high fashion, there are all kinds of other avenues to that don’t require you to necessarily be young, tall and slender. Niches exist for all ages, ethnicities, heights and body shapes.


That said, some up-keep is required in most cases (particularly for high fashion where looking after your skin, teeth and hair will require a strict care routine). You need confidence in order to be comfortable in front of a camera and some basic performance skills. Some people may scoff at the idea of model ‘training’, but knowing how to compose yourself can be beneficial if you don’t want to spend hours on a photoshoot being corrected and adjusted to get the right snap. Those have amassed many Instagram followers and have previously complemented as ‘photogenic’ may want to certainly consider pursuing this career.



Body double

When actors don’t want to do a scene due to nudity, danger risks or simply not having the right attributes, a body double is required to fill in the role.


Like modelling, there are so many different avenues here and it pays to know your assets. Nude body doubles obviously need to be prepared to bare all. Those in dangerous situations may need some stuntman skills on the side and be prepared to take serious risks. A skills such as dancing or gymnastics may even be needed if the scene requires a body double to do a dance routine or lift their leg above their head. Acting experience will almost always be advantageous too.


Caring for your appearance is important in all cases. Tattoos can take some time to cover up, and so may disqualify you from pursuing this as a career. However, other usually discriminated factors may open you up to niche opportunities – a disability such as an amputation could make in fact prove advantageous, providing a way of portraying characters that have lost limbs.



Nightclub PR

Female nightclub promoters have long been used to attract male guests into clubs using their charm and good looks. However, there are many places that will also hire men to charm the ladies. Many of the major clubs and party islands need handsome men to show that their club is also an idyllic place for women to go.


Of course, good looks aren’t everything in this job – you’ll also need decent sales skills to persuade people off the street to buy into your experience. Some nightclubs will pay you based on how many tickets you sell, whilst others will simply pay you on an hourly basis. On party islands, promoters can even be paid to walk around the local hotels and persuade guests.




Real estate is another sales job in which looking good plays a massive part. The most expensive thing any of us buy in our life is property. An expensive purchase such as this needs to be dealt with in a sophisticated and serious manner, which is what drives many realtors to wear a suit.


Dressing up and look good is often encouraged by employers in this field – especially in high-end real estate where you may be dealing with more glamorous househunters. Selling yachts, luxury cars, luxury fashion and time shares are just a few other sales job in which having a good style sense is important.


Realtors are often required to drive in order to get from viewing to viewing. You will likely be quizzed on various property terms and information and may require extra training so that you properly value a house and negotiate pricing.




Brokers are employed to save and make individuals and businesses more money – and so a lot of financial know-how is required. There are many types of brokers that will specialise in different areas – insurance brokers that will help people find the cheapest and most appropriate insurance, personal loan brokers that will help people find the best loan, mortgage brokers that will help home-buyers get the best mortgage for them and, at the top end, stockbrokers that help investors get the best out of their money by putting it in the right place.


Where does appearance come in? If anyone is known for suiting and booting it up, it’s the broker industry. It’s a broker’s job to negotiate with other financial experts to get the best deal, which requires persuasive skills of the highest degree. Looking good helps your cause and tells people that you’re a professional and that you’re serious about handling other people’s finances for them.



Personal trainer

If keeping in shape means a lot to you, you may already have the fitness know-how to make it as a personal trainer. Certainly some people hire trainers to up their strength or train for endurance, but the majority will do it to keep in shape, which means hiring someone credible that looks fit and healthy themselves.


Being a personal trainer requires being good with people and having a good scientific understanding of the human anatomy – not just a knowledge of what works for you. A personal training course is generally required first. Most people will get their first job at a gym and then hire personal clients from here. Having a niche can often make you stand out and help when attracting clients. For example, you may focus largely on slimming, or contrastingly bulking. You may also be able to incorporate elements of martial arts or dance or army training or other personal experience into your training methods that could give you a USP.


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