Cheryl and Tessa: Mother and Daughter Weight Loss Story Goes Viral

Pursuing one’s goals often requires leaving one’s comfort zone and taking massive action. If you are looking for a story to get you really fired up and start working towards your weight loss goal, look no further. Here is the story of Cheryl and Tessa, a mother and daughter who teamed up on a 100-day weight loss challenge that ended in them losing 74 pounds. Their story is inspiring for those who dare to abandon what doesn’t work in their lives and go after their goals


As you can imagine, their phenomenal results inspired them to keep the challenge going even after the 100-day milestone. And I’m sure the millions of followers who expressed interest in the story previously are dying to see how far they get.


There are many proven weight loss programs that could help them lose weight, like Nutrisystem and BistroMD. But, this mother and daughter decided to do it all themselves, supporting one another. Instead of paying for a diet meal delivery program, they decided to put their money on a gym subscription.



The dynamic duo documented every major step of their journey, including their workouts, their struggles to stick to a healthy diet, and their feelings about the amazing results they were getting out of their relentless effort. This culminated in the aptly titled “Mother and Daughter Duo” Facebook page and a moving video presentation.


Once their weight loss journey began, changes were made to both diet and workout life. They worked out each day, and followed a healthy diet.


Being emotional eaters, this was clearly one of the hardest challenges the spirited duo had to face. Cheryl admits to going overboard on one of her cheat days, something she is all too familiar with. But in spite of all these hurdles, she managed to keep her spirit alive and her dream of losing “about 100 pounds” within view.



All she wanted is to get her life back; and make sure that her daughter Tessa does not have to go through what she has had to deal with as an overweight adult. Being overweight really held her back socially and psychologically, something people in the same situation can easily relate to. For example, Susan, who lost 100lb on Nutrisystem felt the same way—read her story at


The pair found enough time to run together and work out in the gym. And if you think this might have something with them having entirely too much time on their hands, then you are wrong. On at least one occasion, Cheryl was able to join her daughter for a run after pulling a demanding 12-hour shift in the ER!


This inspiring team used every opportunity they could get to stay active, and it did not always have to involve the gym. For instance, although they skipped ropes, lifted weights, and did pull ups in the gym, the same can-do spirit is apparent in other areas of their active lives – such as when the two shovel snow, run, and do squats together at home.


The pair certainly loves and enjoys doing things together. Even when they get into the ring and take swings at each other, you can tell they are having a good time, and best of all – working off the excess weight.


By day 100, the results of their effort are clearly apparent. Both Cheryl and Tessa look thinner, younger, much healthier; and considerably more vibrant. At this point in time, Cheryl had lost an impressive 42 pounds, while her daughter had shed 32 pounds.


Their video is a fitting source of motivation to all those who have tried to lose weight in the past without much success. It starts with a story that’s typical enough – a single mother who, like her kids, is unhappy about her weight and deeply worried about it.


But through unwavering dedication, she manages to make the right decisions and turn her life around in a few short weeks. If this viral mother-daughter weight loss story does not inspire you to work towards your ideal weight, I don’t know what will.


So, start working towards your weight loss goal today. If Cheryl and Tessa can do it and have so much fun while at it, so can you. Here are some resources that can help you on your weight loss journey.


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