Become An Alpha Male: 4 Awesome Tips

We all want to be an alpha male. The leader of the pack who provides for his family and is attractive to all the women. Men want to be him and women want to be with him. It isn’t easy working your way up to alpha-male status, though. It takes a lot of effort to get to this respectable position. However, don’t be put off! It’s very achievable. Especially if you follow these five awesome tips!



Dress For Success

Get out of your jogging bottoms and into a tailored suit! Suits look amazing on any guy. Tailored suits are the creme de la creme of male fashion. But if you don’t have the budget to go and visit a tailor, a suit from your local department store will do the job just fine. It’s the ultimate way for a man to power dress. People will take notice of you at work, and if you turn up to a date in a suite, you’ll win anyone over .


Ditch The Lager

You’ll have no doubt heard the term ‘lager lout’. This phrase is just one of the many reasons lager has gained a reputation for being the drink of football hooligans and young lads. These aren’t people that you want to be associated with if you aspire to become the ultimate alpha male. So ditch the lager in favour of a more sophisticated tipple. How about whisky? Just think how great it makes Don Draper look! Ordering a whisky in a bar will make you look very classy. You can even enjoy it at home with your friends if you buy wholesale whiskey .


Help Out At Home

Alpha males are true family men. And that means helping out with all the household chores and looking after the kids. Give your partner some time off and take the kids for a day out . They’ll love spending time with you and she’ll enjoy having some spare time to catch up with her friends. If you want to show her just how much you love her, you could even splash out on a spa day for her. Back at home, make sure you always do your share of the chores. Take charge of the more physically demanding jobs. You can even show off your skills by doing DIY or gardening!


Remember Your Manners

One of the main factors that increase your alpha-maleness is courteousness. Be polite to everyone you meet, no matter how they annoy you. Remember to hold doors open, and if you see a lady struggling with a plan up some stairs, ask her if she would like some help. It is these little things that can really help you to make a great impression to everyone you meet! No matter how annoyed or mad you get at a situation, always try to be polite and relaxed. If you blow a fuse, you could risk looking anything but an alpha male!


Hopefully, these four fantastic tips will help you turn into a real gentleman!


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