3 Ways To Wow That Girl On A First Date


Once you have secured yourself a date with that hot girl, you need to make sure it goes well so that she will want to see you again. First dates can be nerve-wracking for both parties, and it’s best to keep calm and confident. Here’re 3 ways you can impress your date.



Deciding where to go on a first date is hard. You want them to feel comfortable with you, so it’s best not to go for something too intense, such as a meal at yours. On the other hand, a movie means you won’t have much time to talk and get to know her. Most people choose a drink at a bar as an ideal first date as it means you don’t have to be there too long. But it could lead to potentially more rounds of drinks if you both get on well. A restaurant is an excellent place to go for your date, but some people feel a bit insecure about eating in front of a date. Some people choose an activity such as bowling or ice skating as it’s fun for you and won’t lead to many awkward silences. You could also choose a gig or a show, this might impress her, but won’t leave much time to chat.



Girls love guys who can hold down a conversation and have a laugh. You should try your best to appear confident in front of your date, as she will pick up on nerves. The best way to show confidence, as we talk more about here , is to act like yourself in front of the girl. She’s agreed to go on a date with you, so must have liked getting to know about you. Make sure you ask her questions about her life but don’t ask anything too personal on a first date. Try and hold her gaze and not look down at the table too much, as she will sense your nervous. She will be wowed if you are charming , just make sure you don’t go over the edge and become cocky. It is definitely a turnoff for girls.



Another great way to impress a girl on the first date is to make sure you look great. If you turn up to the date in a scruffy top and jeans, she will think you are not that keen on her. Visit this website to find something new to wear for that first date. Don’t forget; you don’t have to wear a suit, as this can make a girl feel a bit uncomfortable. But dress smartly and suitable for the situation. Make sure you sort your hair out before you go, and have a shower and a shave if you need one. Finish off your look with some decent shoes, as some muddy trainers will definitely ruin your look. And don’t forget to spray some aftershave to complete that fresh look.


Remember to be yourself and she will have a great time with you, and who knows where it will lead.

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