A Concise Guide to Becoming an Incredible Cyclist


Cycling is one of the greatest exercises out there. It’s famous for being incredible when it comes to cardiovascular fitness. A lot of people don’t seem so convinced, however. It might be because cycling seems so easy to many. You just sit there and pedal, right? Well, there is a little more to it than that – if you’re willing to perfect your cycling techniques!

This activity will give more to you if you put more into it. So here are a few quick tips that will help you get the most out of this exercise. If you’re interested in cycling as part of a fitness regime, a way of adventurous travel, or a mix of both, then this concise guide is for you!


Strength and flexibility

You’re going to get more out of this if you’re improving your fitness outside of cycling, too. When you cycle frequently, you’re not always going to be riding along smooth paths. You’ll have to go across bumpy terrain, and you may also find yourself having to push or carry your bike to get to more awkward areas. This all requires increased strength and flexibility. When your body is better prepared to do some serious cycling, it will see more of the benefits!


Do the shift

Speaking about awkward terrain, there are really right and wrong ways to ascend steep inclines or go down slopes. It’s all about shifting the balance of your body correctly. A lot of people actually end up doing the shifting the opposite way to how they should. Remember: lean in when you’re going up, and lean back when you’re going down! Otherwise, you’re going to waste a lot of energy and may even risk injury.


Getting the right bike

Not all bikes are the same. A lot of people who want to get serious about cycling will visit a specialty seller, and this might be the best way for you to ensure you get the right bike. They’ll ask you about the sort of exercise you’re planning to do with it, as well as how regularly you’ll use it. Where you take it will also matter. Remember, there are subtle differences between road bikes and mountain bikes. Click for information if you still feel stuck.


Braking correctly

Braking correctly is key to keeping safe. A lot of people will use one brake, slamming on it and creating a rather inefficient stop. The key is to lightly pull on both brakes, creating gradual slowdown. This is especially important if you’re going down a slope or trail, as it gives you the most control over your slowdown and stop. Speaking of trails…


Get adventurous

The best way to get better at any exercise is to take it to new levels once you’re ready. You may want to consider hunting for new trails, ones that are more adventurous than your usual routes. You could consider a cycling tour, or even take your cycling into the mountains and really challenge yourself with the terrain there. Both of these can help improve your strength and endurance!



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