7 Leather Shoes Every Man Must Own


Those ancient shoes or boots you break out for every wedding, meeting, or party might be comfortable, but do you realize how badly they affect your entire look? Your shoes are one of the first things people will notice about you, and can mean all the difference between a great first impression and a bad one. They have a lot to say about your personality, too!


How can you build a solid collection of high-quality leather shoes and boots for every occasion? Check out the seven leather options explored below …


Casual Boots

Ah, the classic casual boot. You might also know these as ‘work boots’, but whatever term you use, their awesomeness remains the same.

You can rock these with a pair of jeans and a casual shirt for almost any social event – a lazy Sunday afternoon coffee, a few drinks at your favorite drinking den, a good old-fashioned hike. They’re durable, resistant to the elements, and comfortable enough to wear day after day.



Black Oxfords

Sometimes, you really need to impress.

You have a meeting with a potential client. You need to give a speech at a friend’s wedding. Heck, maybe you just need to impress a future in-law over dinner.

Whatever the call, simple black Oxfords will answer. While brown Oxfords work fine with jeans, their black counterparts are best when combined with slacks or a fitted suit. You’ll look sophisticated, cool, and as if you really know how to put yourself together.



Chukka Shoes

Chukkas are incredibly versatile, comfortable, and built to last.

They’re lace-ups with a relaxed vibe, thanks to lots of detailing and character. Chukkas will add something more special to your jeans than sneakers could, and are smarter without the formality of most other shoes.

Chukkas feature a thick heel and solid grips, making them safe and cozy on almost any terrain.



Chelsea Boots

You’ll know Chelsea boots on sight, even if you don’t know them by name.

These ooze timeless cool, bringing an effortless wow-factor to any look. First and foremost, their laceless design eliminates the risk of cool air sneaking through the eyelets (which can be problematic in winter). This offers a side-benefit: you can just slip these right on or off without having to struggle with laces.

Chelsea boots are ideal for most outfits and occasions. You can pair them with skinny jeans, slacks, a button-down shirt, a sweater, a blazer – mix and match to your heart’s content.



Rugged Boots

Want to look like a guy who’s faced the world and survived? Want to show everyone that you’re comfortable in your own skin?

Go for a rugged boot. These are designed to cope with challenging environments and keep your feet safe, comfortable, and dry every time. Their high tops, durable laces, and dense soles make rugged boots a terrific choice for everyday wear, from walking through woodlands, wandering the city, or hitting the bar straight from a long motorbike ride.

You can wear rugged boots with flannel shirts, T-shirts, vests, jeans, cargo pants, even knee-length shorts if you have too.




At first glance, brogues might seem like something of a risk. They’re a little louder than, say, a pair of black Oxfords, but have no fear – the brogue is a stone-cold classic.

These are very stylish, with distinctive detailing, and comfortable enough for everyday wear at the office. Brogues (in brown or black) look terrific with a gray or blue suit, and can even work with almost any kind of jeans.

Brogues can be worn for both smart and casual occasions, dressed up or down, so feel free to experiment.




Loafers are brilliantly simple, simply brilliant.

These are ideal for casual outfits, working with denim (straight jeans, skinny jeans of various colors) and slacks alike beautifully. Their laceless design gives them a distinctive look, a comfortable, un-restrictive feel, and means they’re easy to take off (no matter how many sips of your favorite tipple you may have had).

Loafers have a sense of tradition and sophistication about them, and whether you choose black or brown, you’ll look like a man who knows fashion. Leather loafers will also last for years, and are perfect for most social gatherings.



There you go: seven leather shoes (and boots) every man must own. Each is different from the next, but all offer comfort, durability, and timeless style. Do you have any other suggestions for the modern man’s shoe rack?

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