6 Tips For The Ultimate Bachelor Pad


The Gulf has many single young men that lead the ultimate bachelor lifestyle that includes the stylish homes, trending fashion, coolest gadgets, and fast cars. Having money and knowing how to spend it are two different things, and you need to know how to make the best of the two if you are a single Middle Eastern guy desiring to create the ultimate bachelor pad. Below are six tips that can be of help.

Living Room Sofa

Your living room is the first thing people will see when the visit; therefore, it should make a lasting first impression. It should have that wow factor that sets the stage for what else to expect from you and your digs.

Get a good quality and stylish sofa. Let your choice be influenced by the quality of the material, the design, and how much time you will spend on it as you watch the television, playing your Xbox, reading, Chilling, or just napping.

The Ligne Roset’s quirky Confluences sofa has a playful demeanor with a puzzle contour that offers numerous possibilities. You can take it apart to have separate seats when your buddies come over to play the Xbox, and assemble it to lounge when relaxing alone

An L-shaped sofa is an excellent piece for lounging for entertainment or just relaxing. Al Huzaifa Furniture in Sharjah and Dubai offers a broad range of such couches that you can check on their official website.



A Slick screen

You have the guys that are football diehards and those girlfriends that love chick flicks; they will all enjoy watching their favorite thing on your big flat-screen TV.

Bang & Olufsen is a brand that makes unrivaled electronics, and their BeoVision 10 is as sleek as today’s TVs go. It is a wide, square-shaped screen with powerful speakers underneath. Place the screen on your wall and add some artwork that camouflages it so that it can only be noticed when you switch it on to watch a movie or game.

Use a wall bracket so that you can pivot the TV in place and have a 45-degree swing away from the wall that provides that perfect viewing angle.


Putting Green

A working bachelor that works knows his money, but he no fun when he is all about work. Playtime is important and playing golf on your terrace sounds like the perfect way to diminish your handicap.

How about a foosball table if golf is not your thing, something sleek such as the GRO 11. The table is as enthralling as the game. It has a matt black shell and gleaming chrome players who do their thing on a white court with lighting effects. Visit www.11thegame.com to make your order; the order has a 12-week waiting period.

It will not be just a football table but a piece of art custom-made by hand, which makes it well worth the wait.



Wall Mountable Fireplace

One of the bachelor staples is a wall mountable fireplace. If you look at any film from the 1960s and 1970s, it’s crystal clear to see that these were considered one of the masculine masterpieces that were added to men’s home’s at the time. It’s a commonplace piece of furniture in the likes of Playboy magazines and other similar ones and a necessity if that’s the look you want to create.




The bedroom is a place to unwind after a busy day. It should be something comfortable, and a necessity since people spend third of their lives sleeping. Do not count your bed as a luxury.

Günther Thöny makes a sleeping-in bed that exudes a particular element that is a much have in a bachelor pad. Its beauty is in its look and its function. The bed comes with buttons that active a lighting show with different colors and a swivel base that rotates slowly. The entire thing is just build to impress. You can easily drift into slumberland while watching a movie and wake up enjoying the view of the outdoors through the bedroom window.




Art should bring out the best of your cultural side. Do original pieces done by regional artists so that you can demonstrate your affinity for the Gulf while also developing an appreciation of art. Christie’s is a global art auction house that showcases its first sale of Middle East paintings; the sale was done last year in Dubai and comprised of pieces done by new artists. The prices started at Dh 5,510 (US$1,500).

You can consider memorabilia if art is not your cup of tea. You can do trophies, vintage photos, and sports shirts that add some character to your bachelor pad. Old album covers from the hippie years or classic movie poster from hit films can also work. You can get plenty these from auction houses and dealer online.

Much of the stuff may only fetch you peanuts when you do decide to sell on Dubizzle, but just keep in mind that the art and collectibles you buy might be very valuable in some years to come.



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