5 Big Mistakes That Are Limiting Your Ability To Bulk Up


One simple Google search will give you a tonne of advice on what you need to do to build muscle. In fact, on this very website you can find Mathews McGarry’s complete guide to packing on muscle mass. But, what a lot of the advice doesn’t do is outline what you need to avoid. See, putting on muscle is all about knowledge. And, if you don’t have the right amount of knowledge, you will do the wrong things. There are that many mistakes out there that it is just as important to know about the things you are doing wrong as well as the ones you are doing right.


  1. Taking Too Many Supplements

Never has the phrase the clue is in the title been as apt. Supplements are not a replacement for your entire diet. What they are is a tool that can fill in the gaps that you are missing from your regular diet. Don’t you eat enough fruit? That’s fine because you can take vitamin tablets to fill in the cracks. However, when you supplement them for your whole diet, you are taking away vital nutrients that your body needs to build muscle. Always consider a balanced diet first, and then add the supplement later.


  1. Overtraining

Training too hard is a condition that you want to avoid at all costs. There is almost a need to train as hard as physically possible because you feel better. You feel as if your training will be more effective. On the flip side, you are doing more damage to your muscles. When you exercise, you tear your muscles. For the most part, these are microscopic tears that do no damage. But, when you go too hard for too long, they become a problem and inhibit the muscles’ efficiency.


  1. Not Doing The Right Training

Obviously, you want to concentrate on training that aids muscle mass. The best chest exercises for mass are more pertinent to you than anyone else. Still, that doesn’t mean you can forget about cardio altogether. To get bigger, you need to lose the fat that surrounds your muscles, which is why Cardiovascular training is important. Think of your training like your diet – it should be balanced and well-rounded.


  1. Setting Unrealistic Targets

For one thing, you are not a pro athlete so don’t act like one. Unrealistic targets only help you do one thing – give up. When you are not hitting your targets, you feel disillusioned and won’t feel like carrying on with your program. Small goals are a great way to help you get to achieve your final target.


  1. Eating Dirty Calories

There is a myth that you can eat what you want as you are in training. That is a lie. Yes, you might develop a big chest and forearms, but you will also develop a big stomach. In reality, you want to eat more foods that are high in protein because muscles use protein to build and repair.


Now you know, you can hit the gym and start with renewed vigour.


  1. Terry Asher March 8, 2016 / 3:58 pm

    Great Post… Good workout tips 🙂


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