10 Habits of the Flawlessly Groomed Man


Not so long ago, spending too much time in the bathroom was frowned upon. Any man taking time over his appearance was considered decadent and foppish. Thankfully, due to some beautifully turned out celebrities, this has changed. The flawlessly-groomed man is revered and we seek to follow his example. But how does he do it? Start with these ten simple habits and you will be following in the footsteps of 007 in no time at all.


Get Up Early

Well-groomed men get up early. The just-got-out-of-bed look won’t cut it because looking impeccable takes time. Work out how long your morning routine takes and set the alarm clock accordingly. Don’t be tempted to hit the snooze button. Make sure you have time to shave, shower and get dressed. Save yourself some time by selecting your outfits the night before and make sure everything is ironed.


Shave Like a Pro

Whatever your look, learn how to manage your facial hair like a pro. Seek out the best razor and best trimming products. Find skin care products that suit your skin. If a close shave isn’t your style, then ensure your facial hair is neat and trim.


Cut Your Hair

Well-groomed men have well-groomed hair. Make sure you visit the barber often before your hair starts growing out. Get to grips with styling products and keep to a strict morning routine. Ask your barber if you’re unsure which products will best suit your hair.



Find a fragrance that you like and make it your signature scent. Spend some time at the aftershave counter and ask for advice. Don’t go overboard with spritzing. Strong fragrances can be obvious and overpowering. Subtle is best.



Look After Your Clothes

Always look your best by ensuring your clothes are carefully laundered. Don’t throw everything in the wash together. Get to know your clothing labels and wash accordingly. Visit your dry cleaner often and ensure that your suits are beautifully presented.


Get to grips with the iron . Some shirts are of the non-ironing variety which is great. For the rest, make sure they are ironed before you leave the house. And not just the fronts. If this is not your thing, then find a local ironing service that will press your shirts and deliver them beautifully pressed, direct to your door.



Pay Attention to Your Shoes

As well as your clothes, look after your shoes. Scruffy shoes will ruin your overall appearance. Clean and polish them regularly and visit the cobbler if they need re-heeling. Keep a shoe-shine sponge in your desk drawer for quick, in between polishes.


Be Prepared

To maintain a flawless look you need to be prepared for unexpected occurrences. Keeping an umbrella in your desk drawer or work bag will help you avoid that ‘wet dog’ look. A spare shirt at the office is also handy for those early morning coffee mishaps. A sewing kit will negate the need to keep your jacket buttoned up to hide the embarrassment of a missing button.


Look After Your Health

To look impeccable, you need to take care of your health. This means eating right and exercising. You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic and cut out all booze and junk food. Think in terms of moderation and keep an eye on portion sizes.


Prepare Your Food

To stay healthy, it is beneficial to cut down on pre-packaged, processed food. Opt for fresh ingredients that are in season. This means cooking. Build up a collection of simple recipes that use healthy ingredients and don’t take long to prepare. If you’re pushed for time, then consider a home delivery service. They will bring you a range of ingredients and menu cards that can be used throughout the week.


Stay Hydrated

If your body is dehydrated, your skin will develop a dry, grey appearance. Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. Always keep a bottle in your bag and at the office.


If you’re new to grooming, start with a basic guide . And read these common mistakes before you begin. Start small at first and plan ahead. Being well-presented is much easier if you’re not on the last minute. Trying to shave, iron your shirt and leave the house in twenty minutes flat, won’t work.


Being well-groomed isn’t about having expensive skincare products and aftershave. And it’s not about paying for tailor-made suits and shoes. It’s more a state of mind. It’s about making the most of what you have and ensuring you present your best possible self each day.


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