Using Social Networking for Professional Vetting Purposes

The global marketplace is more competitive than it used to be just a decade ago. Companies of all sizes now compete for customers’ favor. It can be difficult for people to choose what businesses to patron and what ones to ignore. When you want to connect with a company that will value you as a customer or an employee, you may want to do some initial research without putting your time or integrity at risk. Using social networking, you can explore businesses like Brilliant Earth Diamonds, Jareds, Zales, and other companies in the retail sector before you shop there or apply for a job.

Discovering the Back Story

Much a company’s reputation today can be directly linked to its back story and origins in the industry. It is rare that a business deviates so far from its original vision that the company founders had for it. Based on its back story, a business like Brilliant Earth, Macy’s, Kohls, and others can reveal whether it is one you can trust and one for which you would be happy working. While you can find an overview of any particular business on its website, you could find more revealing details by looking at its online social media pages. These pages are frequently updated and tweaked to be as relevant as possible to current market conditions. They also are more in-depth in many cases about revealing whom they are and what purpose they see themselves serving in the industry. The back story is provided at no cost on most of these networking pages. You can read at length and form an idea about the business before you decide to engage with it.

Entertaining Employment Possibilities

Based on your opinions of a company, you might decide that you would like to work for it. Many national and international businesses today advertise openings on social networking pages like LinkedIn or Twitter. These openings reach a broad audience and are intended to recruit the highest caliber of talent possible. However, you want to make sure that your talents are not wasted on an employer who will not appreciate you as an employee. You can read reviews about working for the business on these pages. Employees are encouraged to leave reviews about their jobs, earnings, and advancement opportunities as well as workplace atmospheres and treatment of employees. Based on these reviews, you can decide if you would like to link your own account with that of the company or if you would fare better to submit your resume elsewhere. You could easily land a job that will bring you the environment and earning potential you have always envisioned for yourself.

Company Leadership

It also helps to be familiar with the company’s leadership before you apply for a job. Your recruiter will want to know how well-versed you are with the business and what your opinion is of its CEO, president, and other leaders. You can find this information about the business on the social networking page. The page gives you specifics about each person and for how long these individuals have been with the company. It helps you prepare for an upcoming interview that could land you the job of your dreams. It also could help you make a good impression during your interviews.

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