The Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Learn Excel



  1. Excel is used in offices around the world.

Excel is the preferred application for offices and businesses around the world. Those who work in the financial industry often use the term Excel more than they use the term spreadsheet due to Microsoft’s easy to use interface, shortcuts and functionality. Purists will tell you numerous reasons why Excel isn’t as good as other spreadsheet programs; however, most of these purists only do limited tasks with their spreadsheet program and do not understand Excel’s capabilities.


  1. Excel is much more than a spreadsheet program.


Many people do not realize that Excel is more than a spreadsheet program. In fact, Excel is a problem-solving program. Although you can use it to generate traditional spreadsheets, the program can do so much more than that. Those who do not understand the complexity of this program will never be able to completely harness everything Excel has to offer. The three most common uses for Excel in an office setting include:


* Text Data – You can make lists that will allow you to reconcile information from other sources. For example, a list of customers and their order history can be reconciled together.


* Tailored Emails – Many users do not realize that you can custom tailor emails to send to a large volume of people across your organization, clients and customers at one time.


* Automatic PowerPoint Presentations – Excel has the capability to turn your spreadsheets and other information into a PowerPoint presentation with only a few clicks of your mouse.


  1. Excel can save you time.


Business owners and employees understand how important time truly is. As you learn to harness the power of Excel, you will have more and more time for other tasks. Excel can increase how quickly you can solve a problem. With practice, you will know the functions needed to solve even the most complex problems. The time Excel saves you will give you extra time for other office tasks like team development or personal development. In addition to this, you will have more free time to spend with your friends or family, completing more work to increase your profits or searching for a higher paying job.


  1. Excel will be around for years to come.


Large companies cannot easily switch the programs or applications that they currently use to new ones. For example, many banks continue to use Lotus Notes rather than trying to change to a newer program because of the amount of time needed to train their employees and migrate the information to a new program. Excel is also the best program because there is no rival that does everything that Excel can do. Excel is a reliable and reputable program that works well with .NET applications. Additionally, most analysis work on the Foreign Exchange is done using an Excel program because it can easily convert different currencies, help you determine the best currencies to increase your profits.


  1. Excel can handle your small data as well as big data.


Local data is one of the most important things that a business needs to gather and analyze. Local data allows you to draw conclusions and make decisions on how to increase your profits. When you gather data, you want a program that will work with Project Management software like Clarity or SharePoint. These programs allow you to extract information in a variety of Excel formats, including .csv, .txt and .xlsx. Once this information is extracted, you can generate reports to help you gain insight on the local market. These insights will help you gain information on how to use local data to improve your business.


  1. Excel can be used as an analytical sketchpad.


Excel allows you to take concepts and create easy to understand ideas. Excel can then create financial reports, budgets and prospective profit reports to help you determine if the idea can be used in your business. Additionally, Excel will help you verify and determine the steps you need to bring an idea to fruition and help you to grow your business.


  1. Excel can help you network.


Did you know that your knowledge of Excel can help you grow your business? Imagine you are talking to another business owner who is struggling with time management. Because Excel can be used in so many businesses, you can offer to show the business owner how they can save time and money by using Excel. For those who do not own a business, Excel can be used to advance their careers. If you understand the ins and outs of Excel, you can alert senior staff members of your abilities. This can open doors to higher paying jobs within your organization. In essence, you can use Excel Skills to get a job or a promotion.

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