The Seldom Mentioned Self-Reinvention

A lot of guys don’t like the way they look or dress. It’s easy to be unsatisfied with your fashion sense. And, some people find that they simply don’t know what they need to do to make a difference. Of course, everyone has natural beauty. And, no amount of bad style and hygiene choices can take that away. Most people don’t want to settle for their natural beauty, though. If you’re reading this; you probably fit into that group. But, you don’t quite know where to start. Thankfully, this post is here to help you.

One of the best ways to sort out something like style is through a full self-reinvention. This isn’t the process of changing who you are. You won’t be aiming to come out of this as a different person entirely. But, you will come out of it feeling more confident about the way you look. And, if you do it right; you’ll be looking a lot better, too. Below, you’ll find all of the stages to this journey. And, hopefully, you’ll get a lot from it.


  • Stage One: Hair And Hygiene


The hair on your face and head make a big difference to your opinion. But, it’s an area that seems to cause people a lot of trouble. It’s hard to judge whether or a not a style with look good for you or not. Without trying it first; you don’t have much of a reference. Thankfully, though, you can get some help here. Most barbers will be more than happy to go through some ideas with you. Along with this, you can also use internet forums and message boards to get advice about your hair. If you decide to have facial hair; you have to be a little more careful. When people opt to have both messy hair and a messy beard; it usually looks bad. Instead, one or both of them have to be tidy. Simple rules like this can take you a long way towards getting a style you’re happy with.

Next, you need to be thinking about hygiene. Of course, you probably wash yourself just fine and keep yourself clean throughout the day. But, there’s always more that can be done. A lot of men don’t like to consider this area too much. With the right work, it’s possible to make a real difference in your personal hygiene. Simple things, like making sure you brush your teeth and wash your feet as often as you can will have an impact. You don’t have to become a germaphobe; just start putting a little more time into things. Some of the products you buy for hygiene may not actually make you cleaner. For example, hygiene products from Suavecito and other similar companies are designed to simply make you look good. A touch of clay here and a smidge of aftershave there never hurts.



  • Stage Two: Clothing


Once you’ve gotten control of your hair and hygiene; you can start to focus on the clothing you wear. A lot of people dress in boring clothing. And, most men’s clothes are, unfortunately, boring as well. A simple pair of jeans and plain shirt simply won’t do. Instead, you need to find some styles that you like. Street styles are very popular for men, at the moment. But, things like this will always be bound to change. So, you need to keep on top of it. Websites like Instagram have loads of resources to help you keep ahead of fashion. With Instagram in particular; searching for tags like men’s fashion and men’s clothing will help you to find some lovely options.

A lot of people like to avoid designer brands. Of course, this clothing is usually over-priced and hard to find. And, some people think that branding is negative. But, a lot of clothing companies have stepped up their game. With the dawn of cheap clothing; a lot of designers have started working harder to ensure that their clothing is worth the money that they charge for it. But, this isn’t the only good thing about modern designer clothing. Nowadays, apps like Depop offer a great way for you to get your hands on secondhand designer clothes. A lot of options have only been worn once or twice. And, for this, you save a lot of money.



  • Stage Three: Fitness


In reality, you’ll only ever look as good as you feel. And, if you’re unfit; this will have a huge impact on your appearance. The most important part of health and fitness is the food that you eat. But, it’s a big mistake to simply eat very little. This usually results in health problems later in life and will make you look a little odd. It’s important to try and get variety in your diet. This gives your body everything that it needs. And, will satisfy your need for different flavours. Some people like to take a slightly different approach to things like this. For those who aren’t so concerned about flavour; there are options like Huel. Nutritionally complete meal systems are considered to be the way of the future by many scientists.

Of course, to truly make the most of your body; you have to consider exercise, too. Everyone will have different goals here. But, it’s important to maintain the same ethics with whatever you do. You have to remember that you’re doing this work for yourself. You are the only one that can make yourself exercise each day. And, it has to be every day. Keeping active is a full-time effort. It’s important to keep working hard. Otherwise, you may find that your goals are hard to reach, which will damage your motivation.



Hopefully, this will give you the inspiration you need to get out there and start making a difference to your appearance. Most people find that they feel much more confident when they look good. And, some will find that they can work harder with some of the changes. Some areas, like hygiene and fitness, have an impact on other parts of your life, too. There’s a balance to everything; you just have to figure it out.


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